Friday, October 29, 2010

Tim is in Haiti on a Mission trip with a group from Spring Arbor, Michigan.. He really was looking forward to going in spite of the epidemic of cholera.... praying they will use common sense and God will protect them.. He packed 4 suitcases... only bringing one back.... so he took a lot of donated clothes and he cleaned out his closet..also candy and gum.. They are going to a Christian school.. We had a great trip to Tn, Wi and Mi a few weeks back but glad to get back home and to sunny Florida... The weather has been 85* and I still swim every day !!! Heard they had fierce winds in the north and a lot of people lost electricity. I anticipate Thanksgiving with company from Ca. but at the present I am addressing our Christmas cards and listening to our Christmas CD's... My sister Donna and I are presenting trying a diet so even thought she is way up in Michigan... we call each other every day to compare out food journals.. It has helped somewhat. What with the holidays coming... Enjoying all your blogs and wishing you a great day !

Thursday, October 7, 2010

It has been almost a month since I last wrote.. A lot has happened.. At the present we are on a 4000 mile trip from Florida to Tn. ( daughter Kathi and family ) north to Wi. ( daughter Kari and family ) over the UP to Cheboygan ( sister and brother ) and down to middle of Mi. ( daughter Kristy and family) and back to Florida.. way south !!! We wanted to visit 3 of the kids ( son lives 12 miles from us ) and 15 of the grand kids... and see some colored leaves... so hopefully will be able to get some good pictures...The Today show on TV said the best place in the nation is where we will be in the UP of Michigan....Miss the pool and home but.... Tim is going on a Mission trip to Haiti when we get back home....Then we expect company for Thanksgiving and after Christmas... from Colorado and California... We are presently 1500 miles on our trip and 5 days into it.... So until I get some good pictures to post of the trees.....................................