Saturday, March 29, 2008

On the Road Again!!

The Reunion is almost over. Just Sunday service tomorrow and then we head north to Tn. and eventually Mi. The guys won the Sluff tournament but by only a few points so we got lots of recognition, too. We took a class in Genealogy and one in CPR.. We even got to practice on the ' dummies. The Banquet tonight was Fabulous!! chicken cordon-blue, fantastic salad and turtle cheesecake!!! Then we finished with a sing-a-long and a talent show... It has been great fun but are anxious to head to Tn. and our daughter Kathi's... I may not be able to blog for a few days as we will be on the road.. Carole

Friday, March 28, 2008

Sower's Auction!!!

Wow!!! What a fun time!! Tonight was the Auction. We spent way too much money for things we do not need but as I wrote before, it all goes to the ministry... We bought a box of candy bars ( who is going to eat them?? ) scales ( What?? We already have a pair so why do we need 2?? ) 2 nights at a Resort near Orlando ( have to be used in 2008 ) 2 coffee mugs with Sower logos ( I won't even tell you that price ) a white jacket for me with Sower logo on the back... (Where will I wear that? )... But we had a lot of laughs and good clean fun with our Christian friends... Some of you that are retired should seriously think about joining a group like Sowers........... let us know if you would like an application.. There is no number of work projects you have to do.. but the more- the merrier... Tomorrow is our last full day of the Reunion... Pray for Tim as he delivers the morning Devotion... Carole

Sower's Reunion


What a fun time we are having! Renewing old friendships and meeting new ones. There are 80 people here at the Reunion and we know 50... We have a lot of activities to choose from and so far we have had Devotions ( Tim leads tomorrow ) prayer circle ( Tim leads one. ) sluff ( a card game that Sowers love and play a lot. We are having a tournament for 3 days.. We are down to 2 teams left and one team is mine and one team is Tim's.. SO tomorrow is the final game.. VERY NERVE RACKING!!!! Either way... one of us wins!!!! This is Sowers 25th Anniversary so big cake and ice cream... Tonight is an Auction.. That is always a lot of fun. First we donate our stuff ( we want to get rid of to make more room in our RV ) then we pay RIDICULOUS prices for something we don't need to bring it back into our RV.. They pay 30-40.00 for a small basket of apples... or 25.00 for a pie.. ALL the money goes back into the ministry...We also attended a session on operating a G.P.S. system.. A map gadget you may have in your car... Tomorrow we are attending a session on Geology ( Tim has always been interested in tracking his IRISH background. ) The weather is good but expect a storm by Sunday so we plan to leave after church service. Tim has been asked to help serve Communion...We came home for a few minutes to take a nap and check email and blogs... This afternoon is a presentation on " Mercy Ship" ministry ( They send huge ships to other parts of the world and give medical treatment to people in 3rd world countries.. The ships are set up like hospitals.. even operating rooms. Some have tons of food to give away to the hungry... That is one of the Sower's project and is in the area.. Hope you are also having a GREAT day... Carole

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Some of you have asked me what Sowers is and what do we do. S.o.w.e.r.s stand for " Servants on Wheels Ever Ready".. We are a group of about 3000 couples now ( though some have died or retired ... actually only about 800 active ). We Serve and Encourage Christian Ministries to fulfill the Commandments of Jesus Christ... We provide volunteer help to selected non-profit Christian ministries, i.e., " projects " which include churches, schools, missionary retreat centers and training facilities, homes for abused children, and recovery homes for adults. They provide us with full hook up for our RV.. We typically start on the first Monday of the month and work 6 hours/day Monday through Thursday. We are allowed to stay " for free " for the week in between projects to ' sight see' or just rest and relax... The guys usually work on maintenance or new buildings and the women do mailings,tutoring, kitchen help, sewing, painting, sorting, data, cleaning, landscaping, etc... anything you can think of.. we have probably done it. We get a catalog every month and it list all the projects in the USA so we just sign up for where we want to work.. We start every work day with a 1/2 hour Devotion... we have lots of together time, restaurants, games, trips, prayer, church ,etc. All that we accomplish on the project.... the Praise and Honor go to GOD!!! We have been in SOWERS 7 years now and have worked with over 200 couples from all over USA and 18 states plus Mexico ( Even Alaska and Hawaii )...A GREAT way to Serve Our Savior in Retirement.. Carole

Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring is Coming!!!

I am sending this to my family and friends who are longing for warmer weather and spring.... It will be here before you know it and soon you will want the a.c. on...... It is warm here in Texas ... about 75 !!!! Today is our first day of "time off " from the project and we have 4 days before the Sower Reunion begins. Tim is one of the Chaplin so he is involved in having Saturday's Devotion and also a " prayer circle".. We plan to leave the Reunion early after the Sunday morning service and head for our daughter Kathi's in Tennessee. Our next Sower Project is southeast of Nashville at LightHouse.. I think our " sightseeing " trips in Texas are over unless we decide to go down to Nacogdoches .. That is the oldest town in Texas... Enjoy reading all your blogs and reading your comments.. Carole

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Azalea Trail

We toured about 8 miles of beautiful homes and immaculate lawns loaded with Azalea bushes. This was a very typical home. It was so lovely but hard to capture on pictures.
This was a typical home on street after street. It reminded us of an old English town.
There were pretty girls dressed up for photo shoots. They just waved at us and smiled.... Aren't the homes lovely?? There were only a few on each street that were not landscaped such.. Tab and Kathi ... you would have loved all the beautiful back drops for photos.
Most of the yards had Azaleas and shrubs but this home had red tulips everywhere... Next week-end they let you tour some of the homes, have live music and wine but charges $40.00 each.. WOW!!!! Glad we went this week end... So as you can see-- we have no SNOW!!!Carole

Azalea and Rose Gardens in Tyler, Texas

Today we took a tour of the Azalea's Gardens and Rose Gardens of Tyler, Texas.. It was a beautiful day.. temperatures o f 74... I'm not sure of the flowering tree but the base is pansies.
Tim was standing by the camellias . Most of the roses were NOT in bloom yet...
The Azaleas were in full bloom and so lovely!!
I'm not real sure what these flowers are as they had so many different ones.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Did I ever tell you about how BIG they grow potatoes down here? These are just out of a regular bag.. not special... Everything is BIGGER in Texas!!! Last night's Mexican restaurant was "Spicy"... We also had " Fried ice cream"...UMM!!!!The other night, during the storm, we were playing cards over in Piney Lodge ( Sower's room ) and lost electricity. So we passed around our flashlight to finish the game..It was CRAZY. One of the guys here made everyone a nice CD with music and all... Real nice pictures and gives an "overall" of what we have done the past 3 weeks. It is always amazing how much work we actually get done.. A lovely spring day to think about Good Friday and Easter... We have asked all around and only found one church that has a service today and that is 7:00 tonight... A good day to clean our windows and let all the sunshine in... Tim and Ralph fixed our car today.. It has had a knock in it for months..never could figure it out. Thank God!! Keep posted..Carole

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Praise The Lord!!!

Maybe you did not hear it on the News but an 11 year old autistic girl was lost in the woods here in Texas not far from here. They had dogs, helicopters, infra red vision, etc out all night... but nothing.... They sent out the Cadets from ALERT . They combed the woods and one of the guys found her. She was o.k. but not aware of her serious condition... Everyone on campus is so thrilled and grateful to God. Today was our last day and we got nice " good bye " gifts... books, carved wooden knick-knack and a scented candle that the head officer here at ALERT makes and sells... Our Easter dinner fell through as the host is very sick. So 9 couples decided to buy a ham and fix our own Easter meal... as probably the restaurants will be crowded... The weather has turned GREAT and it surely looks like the first day of spring. Going out as a group tonight for a Mexican meal....Carole

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day... Today I wore my big Irish necklace and Tim wore his Irish cap and suspenders. He really is Irish....Only 6 out of the 20 dressed in green. Yesterday we attended a big Baptist church to hear a piano concert by a man from India. His father started "India for Christ" and feeds hundred and has an orphanage there. His name is ENOCH FERNANDO from the SaddleBack church. That is where Rick Warren ( Purpose Driven Life ) attends. Enoch was really talented on the piano... Of course afterward, all 20 of us stopped at the DQ.. that seems to be a favorite with SOWERS...Expecting a severe thunderstorm tonight!!!! Carole

Friday, March 14, 2008


Last night Sower's pot luck turned out GREAT!!! There turned out to be 75 people there instead of the 40 I expected.. We knew 30 there... Lots of food!!!! A long program but good. We sang 3 songs and got lots of complements..Thank you for your prayers... I wasn't even nervous.. But now they know I can do it so I hope they don't ask me for the Reunion...They have already ask Tim to have a Devotional and for both of us to lead a " Prayer circle ".It is 83 today so we plan to go out for lunch and "sightseeing". Lots to do around here...Hope to get some pictures so will blog later... Carole

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pacticing our music for Thursday night program.

We have been practicing for Thursday night. This is Dick and Selma from Niagara Falls. Plan to bake a coconut classic cake to take.There will be 2 other couples there that we know.

This is a picture of Tim and me at Game night last night. It is finally warmer here. 80 degrees today...Beans and rice at the dining hall tonight. Who do think we are? Spanish??? Tim likes it....Guess I finally learned how to separate the photos...Love Carole

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Trying some new things on this blog because my good friend Sue emailed me a LONG email with directons of instructions so I have to experiment. Today we got up REAL early...6:30 ( really 5:30 before time change) and left by 7: drove 30 miles to our friends The James. They live in Hide A Way Lakes in a REAL nice home. Their church stated at 8:00 and the S.S. was HUGE..192 people in it. very good!!! Went out to lunch with them and another couple. Back home to nap and watch DVD 3-10 to so.. Tomorrow starts another work week. Not so cold...59 tonight... Bought 2 skirts and a jumper at Good Will on Saurday.. I practiced the autoharp with a couple here and they want me to play with them Thursday at our area Sower's pot luck.. There will probably be 40 there. I"m not that good.. And I have to sing too...PRAY!!!!Carole

Friday, March 7, 2008

This is a flowering bartlett pear tree on campus. It is so COLD here that when we have to wear skirts to diningroom and work, I wear pants underneath and no one knows but Tim and me.

Can you believe it. SNOW!!!!!!! I can't believe we are in sunny Texas.. You should have seen us running around here taking pictures before it quit. Don't forget to 'set your clocks ahead' Saturday night... Carole

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

How to Cook Cactus !!!

Some of you ask about cactus....It is imported from Mexico to Texas about 40,00 #/ day and sold in the larger grocery stores. The average Mexican eats cactus as the average American eats cauliflower.. It is called nopales and the leaves are pads..Using a razor blade remove the needles. Cut into bite size pieces-cover with water-cook until tender ( 45 minutes ) drain and pat dry....
may combine with fried pork chops, scrambled eggs or chicken. Also are cut into slivers and fried like french fries!!!!! Also can use in salad called ensalada de nopaitos .... or can just dice into small pieces, simmer in hot water and butter and salt to taste....Sound good?????? Shall I bring some home???

Monday, March 3, 2008


Here in Wal Mart they sell cactus leaves for 98 cents/ # . They shave the needles off them. Next to the bin of cacti is HOT peppers....The real bad storm missed us but COLD 50 and rain..... Ironed 12 tablecloths today.... Probably have to help clean rooms tomorrow. Love your comments. Carole

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday March 2

Today was a very busy day as we attended S.S. and church, ate lunch at a Black Christian College Jarvis, went on a tour of the campus, went to the director's house for refreshments and then attended an evening church service here on the campus. Now the tv is full of "tornado watches" so we may not be through for the day yet. The A.L.E.R.T. stands for air land emergency rescue team. The campus used to belong to Herbert W. Armstrong back in the 50's. It is 2200 areas and fabulous buildings and private homes. When Armstrong died, they changed alot of their beliefs and people left and so they went bankrupt. Then they sold it cheap to Hobby Lobby who in turn gave it to ALERT. Armstrong was a cult and had some weird beliefs about God. They even have a golf course and air port on the grounds.They had a school here of 1200 students. When they left, they also left alot of the furniture ( including 7 grand pianos ) beautiful furniture in the houses and a fleet of trucks and equipment. They made their followers give 30% to the work so they had millions of dollars....And it all came crashing down in the end.. But the work here can not maintain all the buildings so alot is just empty and grass growing up...Tomorrow starts our 3 weeks of work so better get to bed if we don't have to run for cover..Love Carole