Monday, May 25, 2009

Enjoying NewBerry

We are visiting our grandkids ( 5 ) at NewBerry. It is 65* and that is warm for this area of Michigan. Left Kristy's after church and drove to a real nice Open House for Taylor ( My niece Julie's son ) Lots of good food!!! uummm !!! and saw lots of people I know....Kari is still at Grand Rapids with Andrea.. She is doing good... 3#7oz.... Today, the guys are building a wall and hanging a door for the girls' bedroom. So The 5 kids and I walked all over town.. NO traffic... No cars.... Rented a DVD... Mall Cop.... had a picnic at the park.. Timbertown... treated them to The Scoop.. ( ice cream )... After we got back, I took a long NAP!!! Guess the wall is coming along nice as I hear a lot of hammering upstairs... On June 1st we have CHEAP tickets to fly back to Cape Coral and the house... We are taking our 12 year old grand daughter with us ( Beth ) for 2 weeks... Should be fun to show her around and enjoy the pool... It has been a fun Memorial Day and I stop to reflect on those who paid the price for our FREEDOM!!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Tim's classmates from H.S. 1959

walking in Graduation

This is Tim and me before he walked in the Graduation on Friday night at Spring Arbor University... It was a large graduating class... They are more than 100% capacity.... I do not plan to walk in my 50th but I may change my mind by 2016.... Our of 21 classmates that came to the Reunion only 12 stayed to 'walk'....

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Michigan at last!!!

We are finally in Spring Arbor College in Michigan and ready for the Reunion.... It is beautiful here with all trees out and lilac bushes in full bloom..... Today Kari is driving down to pick up her daughter Abby and take her back up to the hospital with her in Grand Rapids for a few days... Glad I brought warm clothes as it is colder than we are used too... from 90* to 60*...... It was 1400 miles up here.... We have some friends that live here in Spring Arbor so we are anxious to pay them a visit.. Hope they still remember us as they are in their 90's......Banquet is tonight so will post about it...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Michigan Bound

This is Abby as she was just out of the pool.. Very pretty for 15 and just as nice!! also smart as she tells us alot about Bible, Science, English and History!!
Tabitha took us to ' The Wedding Singer " last week at Broadway Palms.. She has been there several times...

Abby and I at the dinner... Not a good picture of me.. Maybe because I was sitting so close to a 15 year old!! We have been very busy packing the m.h. with all the things we may need for a summer in Michigan and 2-3 months out West before we get back to the Cape..... Tim thinks I have too many clothes!!! It has been VERY HOT here .... 90* every day!! Michigan ,here we come!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Our last week in Florida!!!

It has been over a week since I have blogged... We have been busy but still finding time to swim and tan. We leave for Michigan on Saturday so we have alot we still want to get complete. On Thursday we attended the Dinner show at Broadway Palms..on Friday we had company for supper and a good visit. On Saturday, we attended our grandchildren 'King's Kids Jamboree.'.. WOW!!! Were we proud!! Our 2 grand daughters won lots of ribbons and 1st place in Bible story telling!!! Sarah placed great in a scripture memory 'bee' and was up against 2 6th graders.. She is in 2nd.. Tim and I were really happy with their performance... I got to go shopping at 'Bon Worth's' and got 9 new pieces of clothing ... a whole new wardrobe to wear to Tim's 50th HS Reunion next week. Kari and Andrea are both doing good. Baby weighs 2#4oz. now.... and is 4 weeks old.... Today we are babysitting the 4 grand kids again. ( actually Abby does all the work ). Grandpa and I are just here... Mark and Tab took a few days off from their busy demanding schedule to fly to New York City... They missed their plane from Ft Lauderdale this morning as the roads going over are closed because of the fires. So they had to go ' Alligator Alley' and drive slow. They are suppose to take off at noon. Hope they make that flight as they have tickets for the 'Dave Letterman' show today at 5:00.. will be aired on Friday....Pray your weather has really turned to spring and you are enjoying God's great world!!!