Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On the Road Again!!

Yes, we are back on the road again and at present are camping in a VERY rustic campground in the Allegheny Mts. in Pa. We are 300 miles from our next work site in New Freedom, Pa. at a Christian Camp.. Summit Grove. We are the leaders but so far only have one other couple with us. We already know them and get along great. Noami and Jay.. They are Mennonites.... Since last I wrote, Tim finished all the wood floors, put up screens in some windows and have all the new appliances working Great... even the ice maker... We picked up our motor home in Birch Run RV shop and disappointing to know they had not fixed one thing in 3 weeks.... BUT they did manage to unplug our refrigerator/ freezer and ALL our food spoiled!!!!! I cried!!!! Over $100.00 worth of meat and rhubarb and farm fresh eggs and jams, etc... They do not plan to rein burst us.. even though it was their fault.. Have to call the company on that... So have to re buy catsup, mayonnaise, relish,etc.. EVERYTHING!!!!! Have enjoyed the beautiful scenery here in the mts.... The camera does not do it justice.. Has taken us hours just unpacking (we were out of m.h. for 3 weeks and living out of a suitcase.... cleaning the refrigerator of mold... shopping for food.. checking all our emails....Now even our t.v and radio will NOT work!! What have they done to our m.h.????? Maybe I'll get in some extra Bible reading.. That would be a good thing.. There are LOADS of things to see in Pa. We have friends in Hershey and Harrisburg and our son and family are coming out in Sept to spend some time with us in Washington D.C. Kari is still in the hospital but MAY come home today or Wed. Still flat on her back but doing better....We had a good time with family in Michigan but it went too fast!!! At this camp they sell some pop and ice cream.. So Tim and I had to walk up a STEEP hill in 90* weather to get to the " so called " store... It turned out to be a Klondike bar.... but it was worth it!!! What would you do for a Klondike Bar???? Carole

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Work ..Work ..Work!!

Tim has been VERY busy working at our daughter Kristy's in West Branch.. He has put in almost 2 rooms of wood flooring... from real wood.. not finished... Also getting things ready for a new dish washer and refrigerator to be delivered... He has to cut away some of the cupboards as the new is bigger... He has also been working on the tractor on the driveway.... It will be good to get back to our Sower work project in August.. as then he only works 6 hours/ day... It has also been a stressful week as our other daughter Kari, who is 4 months pregnant , is having problems and is in the Marquette Hospital on complete bed rest until delivery... so our bodies are physically tired and also emotionally tired!! Please pray for Kari and Ben... I hope to post more once we get back to our computer and back to our motorhome.. Oh Yes!! It is back in the "fix it" shop in Birch Run... Lots of problems but GOD is Good!!! Carole

Friday, July 18, 2008

Our Sale!!

We are only having the Sale today ( Friday ) even thought we had planned 2 days.. as we sold just about EVERYTHING!!!! Took in over $400. and it was mainly small " stuff".. It turned very HOT and HUMID so guess who got sunburned!!!! We had borrowed tables from their church so tonight after they took us out to eat whitefish at one of the few restaurants in town... they ran the tables back and let the kids jump in Round Lake to cool off .. as it is right by their church... Plan to leave tomorrow and head to Cheboygan on our way to West Branch.... if our car makes it.. We have been having problems with the car.. May need to buy a new one ( I keep telling Tim. )... Tim got ALL the paint projects complete so that is also a good feeling... Thanks for the comments.. Carole

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Heman's Camp

These are the 5 granddaughters that we took to Hemans this year... Beth.. 11yrs., Sarah..7 yrs., Emily 9 yrs., Bekie 6 yrs. and Jessica 13 yrs. We had a good week and learn something about all of the girls and got a chance to talk about JESUS... I am already praying about who will come to Hemans Camp next year....

Our Big Sale!!!!

Tomorrow is our Big Sale.... Hope that it does not rain!!! We have barrowed tables, made signs, priced everything and called the radio station.. Tabitha thinks it is funny that we put the ad on the radio and also that people in Michigan buy a whole cow or pig for the freezer... Today we took a day off Tim working and took the kids to the Pizza Hut, KOA for swimming and big ice cream cones.... Tim only plans to paint the upstairs hallway yet and help with the sale... We are boycotting McDonalds as they support the Gays so as there are only a few restaurants in NewBerry.. we had to go to Pizza Hut... Funny how I am excited about this Sale and I do not have any thing to sell.... But I do have lots of " stuff " that my sister Donna sent up to sell... and Kari has lots to sell....Will report on the sale later.. Carole

Monday, July 14, 2008

Just enjoying our time off!!!

Spent last week and this ...visiting with family and friends... We are now in NewBerry in the U.P. with Kari's family and 5 of our grand kids.. actually only 4 .... as Sam is away at church camp.... We are planning on having a Huge garage sale on Friday and Saturday...... Tim is busy working on some doors and painting bedrooms.... We enjoy their church and their pastor... This would be our 2nd week of work IF we were doing a work project this month... I actually enjoy a month off... Hope YOU are enjoying your summer... Carole

Friday, July 11, 2008

Our 18 Grandchildren!!!

These adorable 10 girls are our grand daughters.. We pray that they will each grow up to be Godly women.. As you can see it was red, white and blue day so we are all dresssed thus.. Aren't we BLESSED?
These 8 handsome boys are our grandsons.. We pray for them that God will use them as they live for HIM.. It was a Great Reunion to have all 18 together for the 1st time...

Friday, July 4, 2008

The 4th of July!!!!!

Today is the 4th of July and I am happy to be living in the USA... Tim is feeling good and spent most of the day working on putting wood floors in 2 of the cabins here at Heman's.... A Christian motorcyclist group is here for 4 days and have invited us to share their meals with them.. So I have not had to cook since the Reunion... Our daughter Kristy and kids stayed another day to enjoy the camp.. We plan to head north on Monday to work and visit in West Branch, Cheboygan and NewBerry ( in the UP ). The summer is going so fast and it will not be long before we head for our work project in Pa. I am thanking God for Tim's good recovery. Carole

Thursday, July 3, 2008

God is so Good!!

I can't even think of where to begin.. The Reunion was very good.!! A lot of memories and pictures to prove it. Mark bought a huge water slide and the kids used it every day.. There were water balloon fights, a talent night where the grand kids performed, lots of food, ice cream social, fire works at night,camp fires,roasting marshmellows from Mexico, , games at night ( capture the flag & ghost in the grave yard ) tye dyeing t shirts, photo sessions, and LOTS more!!! My sister Donna's kids came to visit for the day.That was SO much fun..We had 20 extra people join us for a mini concert put on by the Living Truth followed by a huge picnic meal. On the last day of the Reunion, Tim was changing propane tanks and lighting the hot water heater when he breathed too much propane... He turned VERY sick and we had to call the ambulance for Marlette Hospital. The Dr. was VERY worried when he saw him.. DID NOT LOOK GOOD.. I heard that a lot of people prayed and prayer chains were started.. After 6 hrs. in the hospital he was released and came back to camp to enjoy the last few hours of the Reunion... So I thank ALL who prayed and I THANK GOD for answered prayer.. Life is short!!! GOD is good!!!