Monday, December 20, 2010

Busy... busy... busy... As I am sure all of you are, too !!! We are ready for Christmas !!! All our cards sent, gifts given, tree and lots of decorations this year.. made lots of cookies, church programs, dinners and Christmas parties.. We have had visitors from Ca. and are now anxiously waiting for more company from Colorado.. They will spend Christmas with us so that should be fun !!! We have not had any snow but have had some COLD weather lately in Florida... The pool has been closed since the last of November but we plan to heat it up over Christmas..... and enjoy it for a few days.... We celebrated our 45th Anniversary on Saturday ... Went over to Fort Lauderdale for the night ...took our friends to the airport, did some shopping, watched our son and daughter -in -law and granddaughter Emily run in a race.. in the rain !!! We have attended some beautiful Christmas dinners and programs all to celebrate Christmas and the birth if our Saviour .. Jesus Christ !! IT is a WONDERFUL time of the year !!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

How do you like my new Christmas blog?? Actually Tabitha did it for me.. She knows how to do those kind of things... Now she will have to change it again after Christmas..... We have been busy sending out our Christmas cards, decorating, baking... Tim has been volunteering out at ECHO.. an organization that sends seeds to 3rd World countries.... They are having a big conference next week so I plan to volunteer there, too.... It is starting to look like Christmas up and down our street as our neighbors are putting up more and more decorations.. A lot of activities will soon be in demanding our attention.. with parties, church programs, visitors, Christmas dinners, etc.. May we not forget the Birthday of our Saviour. JESUS CHRIST !!!