Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ft. Myers.. Florida

It has been a while since I last wrote. We dropped off the m.h. in Ocala, Florida until Saturday. We are spending a few days at Mark and Tabitha's in Ft. Myers.... I have helped with home schooling, laundry, made caramel apples and a cake with kids... Today we went to Chucky Cheese for lunch and on skit ball, I scored 33,000 the first game. Tim is helping Mark build a playhouse....We both went to the doctor and got a flu shot.. ouch!!!!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rock Hill, South Caroline

We sure enjoyed our company.. Frank and Peggy.. We laughed so much and were ' rolling on the floor'... We had very COLD weather and they predicted snow!!! We drove back to the Bridge but this time drove across it instead of walking.... Played cards with the Sowers that hadn't left yet... Most of them went back home on Friday but 2 stayed as they are headed toward Memphis on Tuesday for next project. We sold one of our sofa as we plan to buy a swivel chair and build a computer desk in the space... On Thursday, the college put on a real nice luncheon for the Sowers and gave us a $20. certificate to their Book Store... We left W. Va. at 10:00 this morning and traveled south through Va. ( small area ) and North Carolina and have stopped for the night in Rock Hill, South Carolina. It is much warmer here !!!! Plan to be in Ocala, Florida by tomorrow night and on to Ft. Myers on Monday... A few days of vacation with Mark and Tab. before out 58th project begins at 'Word of Life " north of Tampa... I'm sure I'll write about that later...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Tag Game

It looks like I have been tagged by son Mark... I really wanted to play the game so when I read where Tab tagged Kathi as one of hers., I was going to call Kathi and ask her to tag me.. but in the meantime Mark tagged me. Thanks Mark!

10 years ago I was ....

.1. planning Kathi and Mike's wedding
2. living in Davison, Michigan
3. waiting for Tim to retire from Oxford schools ( His last year )
4. drove 25 miles one way to still attend our church at Pleasant View
5. painting the storage shed and planting mum flowers around the double
wide in the mobile park

5 things on today's' to do list.'...

1. read my Bible.. I am reading in Acts and am really enjoying it.. Wish I
could be as bold as Paul!!!
2. write in my journal. I write EVERY day . I am almost ready to start my
40th journal...
3. sort throught all my clothes and make a bag to donate to charity.. I just
bought 3 new items and need to make room in the closet. One thing
about living in a m.h. You don't collect a lot.
4. return 5 books that I have barrowed from this library before we leave
as I don't want to have to send them back by mail.
5. clean the m.h. for our company that is coming on Thursday as they will
be staying with us for 2 nights....

5 snacks I enjoy...

. diet pepsi.. does drinks count???
2. cashew nuts
3. ice cream!!!!!!
4.coconut haystacks ( candy.. very sweet... )
5. kettle korn

5 places I have lived... ( This is an easy one.. as I have lived in at least 35 places in my 65 years )

1. Mancelona, Michigan
2. Cheboygan
3. Santiago, Dominican Republic
4. Flint
5. Oxford

5 jobs I have had.... LOTS!!!!!

1. teacher
2. pastor's wife
3. foster mother ( 25 kids )
4. owner of motel in Mio
5. waitress

5 people I tag

1. Kari
2. Sue H.
3. Anita A.
4. Ruth J.
5. Gene and Joyce M.

All 19 Sowers at Appalachian Bible College

This is the first picture that I have been able to send from our new computer.. I have a lot to learn about how to use it... This is our group picture after supper tonight. We sometimes wait until toward the last but one couple in our group is leaving tomorrow. Ron slipped on the grass watching a soccer game and broke 2 ribs.. so as long as he can't work for 3 weeks, they decided to go home.... Only 3 more days..

More colored leaves

The blue parachute was one that ended up in the water. They had boats out there to rescue them... Bet the water was COLD!!! This is the river they use for ' white water rapids '.
There are a lot of hills and mts. in W.Va. Any time we drive any where, we have to drive up and down.. We are 3200' elevation..
We drove back to Charleston on Saturday. It is 60 miles through the mts. A few small towns down in the valleys.. The towns are long and narrow as there are mts. on both sides.. most are only 4 blocks wide... quaint white steepled churches and coal mines.... now I understand why so much coal is mined in W.Va........ lots of mts.
We are especially enjoying the fall color as we have not been around it for the past few years. Last year in October, we were in OK. and the year before we were in Missouri , before that we were in Alabama and in '04 we were out in Oregon....but it has been COLD here and we are anxious to head for Florida!!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

leaves..library..and .Bridge Day

The fall color is at it's peak now! There are very few reds in this area but mainly browns and gold!!! A camera does not do it justice...
Selma and I working in the library.. Only 4 more days to go.. We may finish 1 of the 3 rooms... I have checked out a lot of books for Tim and me to read these 3 weeks..
On Saturday we went with 2 other couples to the New River Gorge Bridge Day. It was COLD but no rain.. There were thousands of people there. Along the bridge they had vendors selling crafts, giving away Bibles, tracts, Obama junk, water bottles and also selling food... That was quite reasonably priced.. We got a pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw ( right on the top of the meat.. that is how they serve hamburgs, hot dogs and BBQ's... in West Virginia)..... This is the river below the Bridge as we looked over. There was only parachuting when we were there... The newspaper said 19 were injured in the jumps.. about 1/2 landed in the water with their parachutes... Some jumped in pairs or 3 or 4 and didn't open their chutes until the last minute!!! CRAZY!!!!
As you can tell I am wearing my winter coat and have 2 pair of pants on to keep warm.. It did warm up a little out on the Bridge in the sun..
My certificate to show that I really did walk the Bridge.. over and back... It was over 3000 feet one way plus back to the shuttle bus... Was build in 1977 and is the highest steel trestle bridge East of the Mississippi.... We really had a fun time on Saturday.. Only 4 more days of work and then we will be saying good bye and traveling south to Florida on Saturday.... sunshine!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Guess it has been a while since I have blogged... We have been trying to figure out our new computer... and printer.... I did not go to work on Tuesday as my right ankle hurt so I tried to stay on the couch most of the day. We have had lovely weather lately but I am afraid that will soon come to an end tomorrow... In fact for The Bridge Day on Saturday it is suppose to be rainy and only 50*.... Tomorrow after work, the women plan a time out to the Tamarack for dessert and shopping... Have played cards ( SLUFF ) a lot and the guys aways seem to win....I have really enjoyed the blogs lately... A lot of good pictures and writing... The leaves are really beautiful now so went out tonight and took a video of the campus... Sorry that I did not get around to posting a wordless Wednesday...We are still enjoying great meals at the dining hall every night.. and it makes it especially nice not to have to do dishes.... Our country is in a very bad way and we all need to pray and call upon GOD!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Busy week-end!!!

What a busy week end!!! As I have already written, on Friday Tim and I went to Charleston to see the fall leaves and to buy a Computer. HP 3 BG Memory, 320 hard drive, etc. We have a USB cord from Verizon so we can usually get Internet every where..... Now we have 2 computers... a desk type and a lap top... On Saturday, I attended a Ladies' Retreat here at the college with the other 8 Sower ladies. The speaker was interesting enough and the luncheon was fabulous!!! Then the music was 2 solos.. very professional and a Bell Choir.... On Sunday, we went back to the Freedom Baptist S.School and church and stayed for the Pastor's Appreciation pot luck... Good food !!!! Friendly people !!! After a brief Sunday nap, we had a birthday celebration with ice cream sundaes and played games... Back to work today and enjoying the lovely weather... My right arm hurts from moving such heavy library books .... Now they predict cold and rainy weather for Saturday's Bridge Day!!!! The leaves are really turning... Gas is 3.29@ but heard that it is under $3.00@ in Michigan... Enjoy the comments.. Carole

Friday, October 10, 2008

Color leaves... gold domes.. McDonalds

Today Tim and I drove about 50 miles to the capital Charleston, West Virginia to enjoy the color leaves and do some shopping..We bought a new Computer... A lot of mts. and valleys so it really was beautiful.. However, the color is NOT at it's ' peak' though the t.v. advertises it such.. Another week and it will REALLY be great!!!
The dome of the capital of West Virginia is larger than the Nation's Capital's... It is covered with a gold color!!!
Why this picture?? We have been faithfully BOYCOTTING McDonald's for about 6 months because of their association and support of GAYS... A lot of Christians did... Today they called the Boycott off as McDonald's finally realized it wasn't a profitable thing to do. Praise God!!!
This is the color outside our window.... It is so beautiful what God has made!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tamarack... laundry... library

Another post with no pictures... Sunday was fun as we went to a Baptist church and they were very friendly . We plan to go back there on Sunday and stay for a pot luck for Pastor's Appreciation... Then we ate lunch at a fabulous restaurant Tamarack.. The best of West Virginia!!! It was a very rich version of a Cracker Barrel and 4 X as large.. The food was the only reasonable thing there for sale.... good and large portions.... Monday started work... 2 people were sick with flu and one couple got an emergency call from their kids in S. Caroline ( may have to leave the project ) so we were off to a good ( ? ) start.. We went to check out the library where I will work and they were busy and said No Work today. Take the day off.. Would I complain??? I did get to spent the afternoon doing 2 weeks of laundry and reading a Karen Kingsbury novel...For supper we were invited to eat all suppers with the college students... Wow!! They did not have food like that when I was in college!!!! So guess that will be a challenge every night at supper... Some of the Sowers are planning a 'white water rapids' trip ( on a very slow river ).. We plan games tonight but quitting early enough to watch the Debates! The women have been invited to a ladies' luncheon on Saturday but Tim and had already planned to drive up to the capitol Charleston to shop...Today Edith and I worked in the library dusting and sorting books and videos... We will NEVER get the job done as they have 3 HUGE rooms of books.. Sower friends called and plan to come see us the last day of the project and stay over 2 days...This is a wonderful place to work and be involved a little in the college life... God is good!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fun filled Saturday

Today was a good day in that the weather warmed up and we got to attend the movie' Fireproof'... It IS a very good movie!!! We highly recommend it and will buy the tickets for any of our 4 children and spouse to see it.. It would be worth it... check it out!!! We had to skip the Chili cook-off down town to catch the movie BUT heard it was REALLY crowded anyway.... Had our Sower meeting this morning and sounds like lots of work and lots of fun planned!!! 2 weeks from today is the BIG BRIDGE DAY... They really do it up big!!! 40 vendors, crafts, bungee jumping, zip line, parachuting off the bridge.... The only day you are allowed to walk on the bridge... Big plans for tomorrow.. church, restaurant Tamarack ( suppose to be special ) tour of campus at 3:00 and hot dog roast and birthday party at 6:00 ... Where is time for my nap??? Carole

Friday, October 3, 2008

Appalachian Bible College... West Virginia

I don't have a picture to post today. We are settled into our next project... have met all the other Sowers... sounds like it will be a good project. We are about 5 miles from Beckley, W. Va. They have a Super Wal Mart, Ryans, Chinese, big movie theatre, Logan's Steak and even a restaurant for Steak Escape.. ( We have only seen them in Malls. ) The next large town is 50 miles... capitol Charleston.... All but 3 of the 9 couples have been here at ABC ( Appalachian Bible College ) a number of times.... The other 2 couples are sisters from Niagara Falls and we have worked with them before... I really like them.. Carol and Selma... There are 3 Carols here and 2 Daves... Guess they want to call me Carol Lee... I was afraid that we might not get cell phone, Internet or t.v. as we are at 3,200' elevation. But we get 3 bars and a few t.v. stations.... Good thing we have some good DVD's... The movie ' Fireproof ' is on at the movie so the Sowers plan to all go together to see it. I read that it is THE BEST MOVIE EVER!!!! Hope you get a chance to see it... Let us all know what you thought of it... It has been cool but promises to warm up tomorrow...Love your comments... Carole

Thursday, October 2, 2008

West Virginia !!!!

The hills of West Virginia are just starting to turn and are gorgeous!!!!! There are a lot of mts. and miles of trees.. so in a few weeks.. I should be able to post great color foliage..... We are stopped for the night at Wal Mart in Beckley and 2 other Sower couples who will be with us next project also pulled in for the night.. It was neat to meet them ahead of time.... Altogether, there will be 9 couples and we know 5 couples... Work starts on Monday... We have had 2 weeks of vacation so it will seem good to get back.... The weather has sure turned cool... in the 60's!!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008