Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Last Friday we went with Harry and Sue to Bok Gardens here in Lake Wales.. It is BEAUTIFUL .... 50 acres of flowers and trees and bushes.... also the tower with chimes sounding every hour...
The tower in the back ground..
The pond.... usually ducks and swams
Believe it... it did get cold last Friday and here we are at the Gardens wearing jackets.
The other Sower couple... Sue and Harry Lawrence from the pan handle of Florida .. They are so easy to work with and we have a lot of fun....
We have decided to enlarge our lanai so we hired a company to pour more cement , build a roof and replace all the screen... They are doing a good job and we are pleased so far... We had to cover up the pool because of the dirt off the roof... It should be complete by this week so we are planning a Sunday school class Christmas party in Dec... I'll soon be posting a picture of the new lanai !!!!
We are presently on a Sower project at Lake Wales Care Center. They have a variety of programs to help the homeless and needy... We are camped at Lake Aurora RV Park in the middle of the orange grooves...
Tim and I at Devotions .. This is the other couple's RV.. We are camped in a little camper...Sure is different from our BIG diesel pusher .

Monday, October 24, 2011

Cruise of 2011

Tim and me in Cozumel, Mexico on Friday... We went on an 8 day Cruise with our son and his family of 6... We had a great time but it is good to be home again..
We went on a tour of some of the Mayan ruins.... Here the guide took a picture of us through 2 windows.. We are on the other side of the building....
Stopping for donuts at a roadside donut shop... in Belize.........
nMahogany Beach in Roatan, Honduras............ Our HUGE ship in the back ground .
Here we are on our first shore excursion ......... Grand Cayman Island ............ It was a good time !!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A few weeks ago we went with Mark and Tabitha's family to W. Palm to Lion Africa Safari.. It was great fun even when I fed the giraff !!!
When grand daughter Elizabeth was down to visit from Michigan we went to Broadway Palms Dinner Theater to see " ANNIE "... Loved it !! Kari, Tabitha and 5 of my grand daughters...

Tim and I at the Lion Safari.. It was so nice.... Plan to go again...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Michigan for 3 weeks !!!

While we were spending 3 weeks on vacation in Michigan, we decided to buy a small camper... yes small.... 21 feet... but it does have a bathroom and 2 beds and a big table and small kitchen... a.c.... It pulls easy with the used van we just bought from friends in Mi. We drove a rental car up from Florida.. We have been busy visiting friends and family and attending Heman's Family Camp for 8 days..... We fly back to Florida on Wednesday for 3 weeks and fly back to Mi. again in August to attend 2 Reunions.... Then the plans are to drive our van and camper back home to Fl. It has been a busy summer so far. We are taking our 14 year old grand daughter Elizabeth with us to Fl. when we fly back........... for a 3 week vacation !!!!
Our new ( used ) van... LOVE it !!!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Michigan ... cold and rainy !!!!

We are in Michigan at daughter Kristy's in West Branch.. It is sure colder and rainier than sunny Florida !!! We leave tomorrow to go down to Heman's... our church camp near Marlette in the Thumb... We have had a very busy past month as our grand daughter Andrea was VERY sick and in the hospital for 4 weeks.... I spent some time up there so Kari and Ben could work. She is doing much better now and even went swimming in our pool the other day !!! PTL !!!! We stopped in Tn. on our way to Michigan to meet daughter Kathi and drop off Christian. He spent 53 days with us in Florida.. Boy did we have a good time !!! He is one easy boy to have around... and we miss him.... Won't be able to blog when we are at camp but hope to have some good pictures after that..

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I can see that people do not post as much as they used to... is it FB or just too busy?? We have been having a great time with Christian ... He has been in the pool EVERY day is his goal. He has been home schooled so every day we have been reading and doing a lot of math.... He is always anxious of his cousins to come over and swim but they are in public school.... so that is not always easy. Tim has been painting at our pastor's house... Abby is finishing her schooling. She will graduate with a 4.00 !!!!! Still not sure what our summer brings... A trip to Michigan !!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Just returned from a trip to Tn. to visit our new grandson Jonathan Corban. We brought back our 10 year old grandson Christian with us. He sure loves the pool and has been swimming every day ! We were 50 miles north of the devastating tornadoes but it was sure stormy !!! Saw some damage along I 75 on the way home...

Tim and Christian before we left Tn. to start home on Friday !! Tim is wearing his new Christian T shirt he got for his Birthday... Tim and our son Mark love to wear Christian T shirts !!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Blog

Hope that you like my new blog look for the spring !! My grand daughter Abby helped me... We have been busy with working and swimming and enjoying company and the grand kids.. Plan a trip to see our grand kids in Tn. after Easter !! Swimming and a ham dinner for Easter !!! It has been HOT and in the 80's lately... Tim has been volunteering to work... Had Free Methodist Missionary friends Ken and Letty Myers from Mexico visit us lately in between their misssion fields... They are a neat family.. Their kids LOVED the pool...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tim's 70th Birthday !!!

On Sunday, we celebrated Tim's 70th Birthday by having a very nice dinner party... It was actually put on by grand daughter Abby.. ( front row left ) for her school grade.. We all gave her an A plus !!! There were 17 there with 2 of our kids and families and my sister and husband... Very good food ( roast beef ) and caramel apple pie !!! This is Kari's living room here in Florida..We have the same rug...Nine of our 20 grand kids.. They put on a nice performance and gave lovely gifts... which I will get to share,too !! Pizza Hut gift card, a novel and t-shirt ( NOT my size !! )

Friday, March 25, 2011

Our church just had a directory made.. so... Can you believe Tim will be 70 ??? I think he looks great !!!! Have been busy with daughter Kari and her family moving just 3 miles from us when they were 1700 miles in Wisconsin... The weather has been in the 80's every day so lots of swimming !!! Have also enjoyed having my sister Donna and Dick just 3/4 mile away for the past 3 months... Still looking at RV's and plan to do a few Sower projects... GOD is good !!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our fun filled week-end !!!

We spent Monday on Sanibel Island with our friends from Michigan.. Chuck and Sue.... The weather was perfect 80* Do we look like twins ??
On Sunday we had a small group of friends from church over for a hot dog roast for our 3x4.. That would be 4 family units getting together for 3 months and having a social.. Ben was busy at the grill keeping the hot dogs and hamburgs cooking...

We sure had a GREAT picnic and enjoyed the company... Our next social may be a movie and I heard the next one....maybe a wii challenge... FUN !!!!

On Friday, Tim and I traveled to Lakeland to attend the Reunion for the East Michigan Free Methodist Conference.. We stayed over night at Jeuneta and Burton.... long time friend from our ministry days..

We also spend some time playing games and eating breakfast with long time friends from Michigan .. Walt and Dora.... Delicious pancakes and bacon on their lanai....

Monday, February 7, 2011

Tim spend quite a few days cleaning, primeing, tapeing and painting our driveway... We had to park the cars in the yard.. probably be able to drive on it tomorrow....
This the result.. I think he did a very good job.. We have a big circular driveway !!

My birthday was last Wednesday.. ( YES !! I know Groundhog's Day ) and I received yellow flowers from Mark's family and red roses from Kari's family ( Ben actually bought them )

68 !!! Can I really be THAT old???

Ben and Tim enjoy the Hot Tub after work !! It was 102* .... NOT the weather !!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Back to blogging .... We had a good Christmas with friends visiting from California and Colorado.. After New Years our son -in- law Ben moved down from Wisconsin and found a job.. His family will be joining him shortly and we are looking forward to having the 5 grand children live closer.. Lots of plans....We have never been able to live near them until now.... We were enjoying the pool and warmth but as you know Florida has gotten some COLD weather lately... It promises to warm up this week- end..... Hurray!!! We worked a week "off and on" at our church Garage Sale... put up LOTS of Christmas lights and took them down... attended parties and programs and all the activities and realized again the precious gift of GOD sending JESUS at Christmas ...