Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Been a while since I have blogged. We volunteered to work a day for a Free Disney Ticket and so we ended up at a Huge Garage Sale for low income children. It was fun as all Tim and I had to do was sell coffee and donuts.... The next day, we drove 3 hours north to attend a East Michigan Free Methodist Reunion and stay over at our friends .. the Kincaids... Had a lovely time with them over Saturday and Sunday.. We were anxious to get back home as my sister Donna and her husband Dick were down from Cheboygan and were already at our home in the Cape... We went out to eat at Perkins and after we waited 45 minutes for our food ... it was COLD!!! I mentioned it to the waitress ( something I never do ) and she gave us all free pie !!!! We have enjoyed having my sister stay here with us as they are looking at a house to rent for March... The weather was up to 81* so we have been in swimming, shopping, restaurants and good home cooked meals...Now if we could only agree on the tv ... Dick only likes the weather channel!! ha ha.... They have found a nice house to rent and will be moving out on Friday... Glad it is only a few miles away so we can still see them a lot...The weather has now turned a cold 60* so no swimming for a while...Daughter Kathi and Mike plan to visit us over Easter with their 7 children so looking forward to their visit.. I enjoy reading all of your blogs!!! Carole

Sunday, February 14, 2010


On Saturday, Tim and I and Mark, Tabitha and kids all attended our church Valentine Part... We enjoyed fried chicken dinner and lots of candy... they had on the table....It was a nice way to celebrate Valentine's ...
This morning, Tim gave me my Valentine... so practical and exactly what I wanted.... a honey bear and a jug of pure maple syrup !!! pancakes for breakfast on Monday !!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another COLD day in Florida !! 61* so no swimming today.. Instead Tim is painting our bathroom and I am baking heart healthy cookies... If there is such a thing... Looking forward to attending our church Valentine's Party on Saturday and then babysitting Mark and Tab's kids while they go out for a Valentine's dinner on Sunday...My sister Donna and Dick are heading for Florida on Monday so that will be fun to have them visit. We usually have some good talks and go to some neat places and restaurants... Not that we still don't like McDonald's, B.King and Taco Bell.... Put wall paper border up in our spare room as we are trying to get it all set up for YOUR visit !!! A lot of people have wrote that they may come and so far NO one has showed up... Must not be tired of the COLD and SNOW up North yet !!! Watch ... EVERYONE will come in March...ha ha .... Carole

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Birthday Surprise !!

This is Sarah holding one of our new doodles.. They are similar to the noodles but because of the sun and the pool water, the noodles shed and it clogs the pool filter... so now they sell doodles... They work the same... Looks like a balloon...The problems of owning a pool.. ha ha
Tonight when Tim and I walked into Famous Dave's BBQ.......
... we were pleasantly surprised by Mark and Tabitha holding balloons and gift cards.. The meal was DELICIOUS too ,so guess who plans to go back? I really enjoyed my Birthday today... Thanks everyone !!