Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Jamestown and Wax Museum

Tim is preaching at the old church in 1607 Jamestown... The benches were high and stiff backs.. Good thing his sermon was short...
We FINALLY decided to settle down and buy some real estate.. like our new home? an indian home at Jamestown, Va. 1607!!!
This is a view of inside our home.. deer skins couch...
The girls at the wax museum with the Jonas Brothers. If you do not know the Jonas Brothers, ask your kids or grandkids...
This is the house where Lincoln died after he was carried across the street from Ford Theatre where he was shot... We actually went in the back bedroom where he died... very small room..
The 'changing of the guards' ...very impressive moment...
At the wax museum, Tab and the girls just had to ' goof off''... They were in the ' oval office'..

Arlington, Va.

We rode all over D.C. on the 'double deckers'.. Most of the time we rode up on top so we could see all the sights...
Emily and Sarah really enjoyed the ' changing of the guards ' at Arlington and they practiced with our umbrellas...
We had a little ' down time' as we waited for the bus at Arlington... We sure enjoyed the grandkids..

Money.. hot dogs.. pedometer!!!

Tim was happy to be standing by one million dollars in ten dollar bills... but no FREE SAMPLES at The Bureau of Printing and Engraving in D.C. A very interesting tour!!

We ate lunch of hot dogs and cokes on the streets of D.C. This day was cool and rainy..
There is so much to see and do in D.C. We went to 5 different things the first day.. ( went to the top of Washington Monument... 555 '.... Engraving, Natural Science Museum, Portrait Gallery and Zoo. ( Saw the famous Pandas )... and on the second day, we rode all over the city on a tour bus so got to see over 20 major things.. including Arlington Cemetery, Kennedy's Eternal Flame, changing of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier... A LOT of WALKING!!! This is my pedometer... Dr. says try to walk 10,000 steps/ day .. as you can see we walked everywhere on Thursday... even in the RAIN!!! I walked over 23,000 steps. I have NEVER walked that much before.... Was SO TIRED!!!! I should frame this picture...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Busy in D.C.

First ... We have been very busy sight seeing in D.C. that is why NO POST... Then Mark tried to change my blog and he erased the blog list.. will fix it later... Also the falling leaves are the count down for Thanksgiving... will fix it, too... We have had a great time of 2 busy days in DC. We took the day off yesterday as we were all getting so tired!! Moving the m.h. south today toward Jamestown, Va. so we can spend the day Monday in Jamestown.. Mark and Tabitha head toward Florida on Tuesday and we spend 3 more days on the road until we get to our next projects at Appalachian Bible College... Will post pictures later.. Just wanted you to know... Carole

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Silver Springs, Maryland..

We are now at the Free Methodish Campground in Silver Springs, Md. It only has 3 camp sites but lots of cabins and a motel... The camp only cost $25. @ night so we are staying 5 nights.. That is cheap for this area!! We are 30 minutes from D.C. We are anxious for Mark and Tabitha and kids to get here tomorrow.... after they spend a day in Va. at Jamestown... It sure seems nice that we have a 2 week break from our projects... The weather is so nice!! In the 70's but may get down to 69* on Friday. We FINALLY got our t.v. fixed yesterday... We have not had t.v. in almost 2 months... We get a lot of stations out here and get ' Good t.v. ' which shows old sitcoms from the 70's and 80's!! They seem so TAME!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Goodbye to Sandy Cove and North East!!!

This is the sign as you enter the small town about 3 miles from the camp. It is usually full of tourist meandering the streets enjoying the Basket Factory ( in business since 1800's ) the seafood restaurants and the antique shops...
This is the sign as you enter the Camp. It has been a very lovely place to visit and work. I almost feel like I have been on vacation. Of course, I did not do over 100 picnic tables..!!! We will be leaving on Tuesday and be ' on the road again!!' This made our 56th Sower 15 other projects for other organizations.. I thought we were RETIRED!!!! GOD is GOOD!!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

A Smile from God !!!

A SMILE FROM GOD!!! I'm not sure if this is a real picture or if it was edited .. but wanted to pass it on to you.... just so you would know that God LOVES you!!! The project is over!!!! Actually I only worked one day last week.... The guys finished the picnic tables.. what a job!! Carole is coming again this week-end and plans to stay with us one night... We thought of going to Baltimore or Philly....On Tuesday, we plan to move the m.h. to a campground near D.C. Mark, Tab and kids will be with us 4-5 days visiting and sightseeing.. Hope to get some good pictures to blog... We have perfect weather lately.. a little cool at night.. a few leaves are falling... Tab wants it to be FALL weather so the kids can wear sweathers and jeans... THOSE Florida people!!! Carole

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008

Power washing... lighthouses... and buoys

Tim and Tom are busy with pressure washing over 100 picnic tables... Today they start to spray paint them. What a job!!!
On Saturday we took Tom and his lady friend Carole to Havre de Grace with us to tour the Crown Point Light House... We walked 3/4 mile on a promenade that followed the waters where the Susquehanna River and Chesapeake Bay meet. We saw a lot of big sail boats... You could even take a FREE ride on one if you waited long enough.This town was established in 1785....
The Crown Point Light House is much smaller than the Turkey Point Lighthouse we toured last week-end. This lighthouse was built in 1827 and is the oldest continuously operating lighthouse in Maryland.
While we were walking around, they were having a big dedication for a " smart signal " buoy.. There are only 2 like it in operation now. I'm not sure what all it is suppose to do but a man told us how great it will be and how very expensive it is!!! There were a lot of people there to see the dedication but it sounded like BORING speeches to us... Guess you have to live here...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Doesn't this look like fun???? Hope you are having a great day and enjoying life!! Carole

The view out the kitchen window..

There are 4 deer that walk all around the camp. We even saw them one morning out side the motor home... On Wednesday and Thursday I volunteered to work in the laundry.. 300 pillowcases !!! and LOTS of towels !!! They seemed so grateful as NO one else showed up... Have went shopping on Friday in Delaware..( 20 miles ). as they have NO sale tax.... I usually buy all the birthday cards I send out to 18 grand kids, 8 adult children and siblings ahead of time and have them organized in a booklet...I try to pick out cards that they might like... Mattie likes ' teddy bears ', Jessie doesn't like flowery things, Connor is into sports, Sarah like ballerinas, etc. so it takes some time to pick them all out... Today, I bought most of them for 2009... Some times, I'm 2 years ahead!!!! Reading a lot of books about the Amish... 8 days down...4 to go... Carole

Monday, September 8, 2008

5,000 envelopes finished... now red dots!!!

Yes.. today I worked extra fast so I would finish up all 5,000 envelopes and Deb said, " Oh, now we need to put a red sticky dot on all 5,000 so when the contributions come back in that envelope , the office will know if it was from that particular mailing "!!!!! Luckily they only had 500 dots right now and it was lunch time anyway... Tomorrow I plan to work in the Thrift Store... We really were apprehensive about Hanna over the week- end so Saturday we just 'sit tight'.. A little wind and a lot of rain!!! On Sunday after church , we decided to drive until we found either a Wendy's ( Tim ) or Arby's ( me ). After 5 miles we ended up at Wendy's in Delaware... with an Arby's right next door.... When we got almost back to camp, we found another Wendy's that we had never noticed before.... Probably less than 5 miles away. Tonight we invited Tom to come over to our picnic table while Tim grills some hamburgs. Then Tom and I decided we all need to run into town to check out an ice cream place before Carole comes this week-end...

Did you ever watch " Flywheel" or " Facing the Giants" ( best movie ever )? They are both great Christian movies made by the Sherwood Baptist church in Albany, Georgia.... ( We plan to visit there some day .) Coming to the theatre on Sept. 23rd is a new movie they made.." Fire Proof" starring Kirk Cameron.. He was in t.v. sitcom " Growing Pains" and is a born -again believer...It is about a fireman who's marriage is shaky. Heard that it really presents the plan of salvation.. Hope you make the effort to see it....

We plan to go see more light houses this week-end with Tom and Carole but Tom keeps worrying it is going to be rainy... There is a promenade along the Bay in Havre de Grace that I really am looking forward to walking. Tim has been reading a lot of Wanda Brunstetter's Amish books. His sister Chris just sent us 3 new ones.. Tim can get lost in a book...

It is a very sunny day in the 80's but the trees lost some leaves in the wind so it feels like the beginning of Fall.. Love your comments!!! Carole

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Turkey Point Light House

This is the Turkey Point Light House that overlooks the beginning of Chesapeake Bay. We had to drive 8 miles over hilly and curvy roads and then hike over a mile up a 100' bluff that overlooks the Bay. It is no longer in use as the last keeper was a 65 year old woman- Fannie May- who retired in 1947...
This is the lovely scene from the Light house.. This is where the Bay begins.... We are about 40 miles north of Baltimore.. There are lots of Light houses in this area... 12 or so.. Next on my list is Crown Point in Havre de Grace...


These are the paw-paws that Tim picked yesterday. Have you ever heard of them?? Except for the song" Way down yonder in the paw-paw patch ".. We met a couple on our way walking to the light house. They told us about them and let us taste some they had picked... They taste between a mango and a banana but have the consistency of banana...

This is how they look growing on big bushes with big leaves..
You can see how thrilled I am to have something to eat ' on the trail'..

Thursday, September 4, 2008

2,000 envelopes!!

This is the view of Chesapeake Bay from the dining hall. It is very pretty around here. As you can see the grass is very dry and they need rain.. which they predict we will get this week end.. So much for my plans to go sight seeing..

This is the old camp truck they gave to Tim to drive around.. at least I get the car.... I usually don't drive but have to on this project..

I must have got a system going because today I did 2,000 envelopes. I only have 1,500 to finish on Monday and then I will probably work in the laundry again or the Thrift Shop.. It is not as much fun working alone... 4 days down and 8 to go!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

' Hoping you pause long enough to hear God.. " This is a very restful and beautiful camp! They have a lot of reminders through out the camp..

Tim and Tom are fixing and painting over 100 picnic tables.. It was real HOT today so they enjoyed the shade.. I think their job is harder than mine..

1,500 envelopes!!!

This is where I work in the laundry and the office... It is the Chesapeake Lodge... 153 guest rooms plus dinning hall, offices, gift shop, conference rooms, etc. Today I worked on a mailing by myself... I got 1,500 envelopes done out of 5,000 so I'll be busy tomorrow.. Joannie from the laundry may come over to help. She came over to the m.h. today to visit and was interested in meeting Tom... Must think that I am a 'matchmaker'... She works for a Cambodian family in Labanon, Pa. in their donut shop. She may go home for a few days and bring me back fresh donuts!!!!

This says it all!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Today I worked in the laundry.. Where have I heard that word before?? They expected a lot of people to show up to help but the first 45 minutes I was by myself. Then Joannie came and we were the only ones. We folded hundreds of towels, hand towels and wash cloths. I kept trying to count them but finally gave up as Joannie kept laughing at me..All white and folded a certain way.. shelf after shelf..Not sure about work for tomorrow... laundry or office work.. One lady ask me to help in the Thrift Store but that is on Saturday.. This week-end is the' Red Hatters.' with a Christian program.... Had a nice lunch with the guys ( Tim and Tom ) of chicken stir fry and stuffed peppers.. And the most delicious 5 layered cake!!! UMMMM!!!!Now the guys have went back to work but my afternoon is FREE.. Guess I'll walk over and do some LAUNDRY!!! My own... Most of the people have gone so it is quieter around here.... Beautiful weather but by Saturday they are expecting wind and rain from Hurricane Hannah... Trying to get our tv fixed so we can watch the Republican National Convention... The other tv is back in the bedroom and we have to sit on the bed to watch...

Monday, September 1, 2008

Sandy Cove, Maryland

This is an aerial picture of Sandy Cove, where we are working. NO.. I did not fly up in a plane to take the picture. Just copied it from a picture.. Pioneer campground, where we are camped is in the upper left hand trees... It has scripture verses posted through- out the camp.. Nestled right on the Chesapeake Bay, it is worth in the millions..$$$$$