Friday, February 29, 2008


We are finally at A.L.E.R.T. in Big Sandy, Texas after 3 days "on the road". Our cell phone reception is very poor and we only get 3 tv stations and it is very slow to get our email and blogs... so not sure how much we will be able to write for a while... A very nice campus and they train young men to rescue and respond to emergencies.. they just got back from helping in the areas around Arkansas and Tennessee that had those tornados. They feed us 2 meals/ day . Will probably go to " Cowboy Church " this Sunday. Carole

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Today we went to the town of DONNA. I thought that my sister Donna might enjoy these pictures. Carole

Monday, February 25, 2008

These are some of the flowers we saw in Mexico. Today it was 93 degree. We stayed out of the sun. Tomorrow we leave this area and head north to the Hill Country.. Hope that it is cooler there. Guess I shouldn't complain. How is the weather up north? Carole

Sunday, February 17, 2008

This is a HUGE cacti. There were alot of cacti in Mexico.
Tim is working on the shower room. They did not put in any drains.. Oh Well!!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Today we went to the original Iwo Jima Monument. It is located only 10 miles from here. We also viewed a movie about the War and the Marines. It is located on the grounds of the Marine Millitary Academy for boys. We aways see them dressed in sharp uniforms. Carole

This is the shower room they worked on. Later Tim hung the 2 doors. Some of this was done before we came. The man is Ray. Not Tim ...

This is Tim preaching in the street. The other man is Solomon to interept. All the rest of the team were behind the van praying for Tim.

This is the ex Pres. of Aldama and his wife Alcia behind me and Solomon beside me. We learn a new Spanish phrase..say S.O.C.K.S fast and it meants "that is the way it is "...

Friday, February 15, 2008

On Wed. we went on a Very rough road to Don and Ginger's Ranch on top of the mt. They own 3000 acreda and have 1000 cattle. They are in the midst of selling it for 4 million. We walked all over and took photos. Lots of cacti and flowers on their verada. Miles from anywhere but they have satallite tv. That is the only t.v. we saw. They had 2 litters of puppies. 8 birddogs and 12 black labs.

After we got back to the camp, another couple Rob abd Ellie Robinson came over and took us on a 2 hour hike thru the fields . He stopped every so often and preached. It really got cold when the sun went down..

On Valentine's Day, we all worked hard to finish up the jobs so we could go into the town of Aldama. Alean and I sorted thru candy, that the mice had gotten into, to take to the children in town. We went to the home of the ex president of Aldama, Philipe and Alicia Lopez. It was 3 flights up to their apartment above his tire shop and her bakery. They were very friendly and served us noodles, spicy tacos and cokes. Then they served us rolls and donuts from their bakery.They showed us pictures of them with the President of Mexico... The President is the man in the middle. They invited a world champion poet to recite poetry to us. Then the ex-president of Almada, went with us in the van to show us the world's deepest waterhole. Discovery Chasnnel even came down and did a documentary on it. It was a 60 ft hill to climb so I waited while Tim hiked it and got lots of good photos. It is over 1000 ft. deep.

It is very peaceful and beautiful here. In the distance you can see the Sandria Madre Mts.

After Tim and I got our beds made and stuff unloaded, I was going into another room to get a chair. There on the floor looking at me was a 4 ft. black snake. I YELLED and Tim came running and all the other guys. But they said " Do not kill the snake as he kills the mice in the house. ( of which we saw several ) There are also scorpions, trantulas and geckos. I am reading in Psalm 4:8 where it says " I will both lay me down in peace and sleep: for Thou, Lord, only makest me to dewell in safety."We learned a new card game " Munipulations " and played it alot..There are 12 on the team. The 4 women worked in the kitchen. The guys built a huge shower room for their Pastor's Conference in May. They expect 1500 pastors to come for training. Can't image where they will sleep and eat as the Compound is not very big. Two of the women get up early and fix breakfast so Alean and I can sleep in until 7AM . Then we fix lunch so they can have free time. I do alot of dishes!!! On Tuesday it was so HOT here and the guys were so tired!!! And to top it off, at noon the 2 younger guys Corey and Cheo and Big John took off work and went fishing. Our guys were a little upset but turns out all they caught were TICKS. ha ha I have walked all over and taken pictures of a huge cacti,flowers,goats, a newborn lamb ( last night ) and the guys working.

Our Week in Mexico

Our Week in Mexico

WOW!!!! What an experience!!!! We left Harlingen after an 8 Am Sunday service where Tim brought the Message. You should have seen us loading the van and trailer with 12 people and supplies, food, clothes sleeping bags, guitars, etc. It was 270 miles to ALDAMA, Mx. Most of the roads were good but had big roadbumps right in the middle, Solomon was our driver and he drove whereever he chose in the road...crazy drivers!!! Before we got to the border, we pulled off and everyone got out of the van, held hands, knelt down along the side of the road and prayed that we get a green light. GOD answered prayer and we drove right through. It was easy to get through customs as the staff helped us get our visas.. We saw alot of Mx. police with big guns. We ate our sack lunch in the van. Saw lovely and not so lovely views...
Stopped for bathroom breaks ( banos ) where you pay 25 > About an hour before we got to our destination, we stopped at the home of the head of all the schools in the area. We unloaded a mattress there and they had a supper waiting for us of grilled chicken, tacos and cokes.. Antonio and his son and wife Carmin. None of them could speak English but they were happy for us to be eating at their home. Finally we turned down a VERY BUMPY road and traveled 13 miles thru a small town Nigra Niagria ( Black Rocks). and our camp.. It is nicer then we expected. We all help unload the van. We were really packed...even eggs. The cook worried all the way down. Then we were assigned to our rooms. We share a bathroom with Ray and Alean but have our own bedroom with twin beds and a window that opens out to view a beautiful bougevilla bush.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

this is a Disney poster...was covered with jewels.

this is the
Rio Grand River

This is a quarter so you can see how HUGE they actually are.. Will save for our campfires this summer.... 30 cost $2. Carole

Isn't this a HUGE bag?

This is shop where we bought a tablecloth. At first he wanted $10. but finally came down to $5. We saw alot of kids begging.... Had to walk across the Rio Grand River. It all reminded us of the Dominican.... We bought pure vanilla for $1.00 and also a HUGE bag of HUGE marshmellows. They are at least twice the size of regular ones.

A Day in Progreso, Mexico


Today we went down into Mexico to shop. It was very crowded. It cost 25 cents to go over but 30 cents to get back. Now you need a passport or birth certificate to go. It was chilly when we left but 90 degrees later.... We ran into a couple we have not seen in 5 years in S.C. we worked with.. Ate lunch with them.

Friday, February 8, 2008

We stopped on the way home at a Shell Factory. It was a fun place to visit...
South Padre Island [Photo]HiI meant for this to be the first picture but didnt make it. We spent the day on SPI. It is about 50 miles from where we are.

Tim with the pirate..We walked way out on the pier and saw the LightHouse in Port Isabel. That is just before you go over the causeway on SPI...


We collected lots of shells. they are bigger then the ones in Florida. The water and waves were so calming even thought there was a wind.. Not alot of people but guess at Spring Break it is awful with crowds.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

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Guess I have made myself 2 blogs so from now on please check as i will try to post only on that one. Thanks Carole