Wednesday, February 25, 2009

end of Project at HEART

The project is over tomorrow. This is the team.... It has been a good but hard project...

Guess you know who this is.... We usually wear matching work shirts... Now for a 2 month break!!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009


When Tim and Mark were clearing out and trimming the tree out front, they found this frog. But it was all dirty and faded. I brought it up here to H.E.A.R.T. and Cathy ( one of the Sower ladies)
painted it for me. Isn't he cute? I plan to put him out on the patio.... Same frog.. new paint..
Another day of working in the library.. all the books are on raising food in 3rd World countries and goats and pigs for the villages... or so it seems... nothing interesting to borrow and read. We did borrow the book The Shack and we take turns reading it... have to finish it by Thursday . Tim and the guys are putting up a fence for the goats...Only 3 more work days.!!!! Attended the Church of God on the Campus and it was REAL good. Also the dinner in the college dining hall... ham and broccoli chicken.... Now tonight I am making broccoli chicken in the crock pot. We are trying to use up ALL out frozen foods by Thursday as the motor home will be put in storage for over 2 months while we are down to the house.....

Saturday, February 21, 2009

grills, tables and sunrises!!!!

Donna and Dick bought us a new BBQ grill as a 'thank you' for letting them stay in our house while we have been on the project.... We were so surprised in Lowe's when they said "pick it out'.. Actually it has been a real blessing to have them watch the place and do all kinds of jobs for us.... Note our messy garage in the back ground....
This week-end when we were down to the house, we went to a used furniture store that buys from estates. We got: this table set, queen bed set, dresser, computer desk and 2 book cases... It sure seems good to have a house and have furniture to put in it. As I said before.. we have not had a house or furniture in almost 10 years!!!

This is the beautiful sight that we can see every morning out our front window in the motor home.. We see some lovely sunsets, too!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

NOMADS and Asian Buffet

On Sunday we met 2 Nomad couples that we worked with about 5 years ago... Nomads is similar to Sowers but is Methodist.. We worked 10 projects with them about 5 years ago.. As you can guess we met at Cracker barrel. It was fun to share a meal with them and renew friendship!!
This is the sushi bar that was at the Asian Buffet on Valentine's... NO.. I do NOT eat that.

The crab cassarole was the best item at the buffet... Had scrambled eggs in it..

YES!!! This is the octopus.... Granddaughter Emily actually ate some!!!!


Ty was sure not afraid to climb up the big ladder and go down into the 6' deep pool!!! All of the kids enjoyed it....

Sunday, February 15, 2009

H.E.A.R.T. in Lake Wales

I did not bake all these cookies... only helped get them ready for the 25th Anniversary of HEART along with lots of others... 50 dozen!!!
This is a kumquat that they grow here on the grounds... also citrus fruit that we can enjoy!!

Week- end in Cape Coral

My sister Donna and husband Dick are staying in our house in Cape Coral. We enjoyed a delicious Valentine's buffet at Asian Buffet ... They enjoyed the lobster!! There was also available octopus and crab legs... We really enjoy having them visit.
Mark and Tabitha bought us a swing for our laini .. I am sure that we will enjoy it for hours!!!

This is THE POOL!!!! Need I say more??? The door in back of us is the sliding door to our bedroom...

The spa overflows into the pool... It is 6' deep at this end!!! We also have a slide that we can put up and down.... Mark's kids really enjoyed it Saturday night... even Katie ( 1 year old )!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kitchen decorations

These are just a few of the apple decor that I have in the kitchen.. Still have a lot more to put up including real cute curtains... Tabitha and Donna have really given me all sorts of help and ideas!!

We had a lovely time vacationing last week end in Daytona Beach... This is at the inlet before you go over the causeway.. It was a little cool and that is why the jackets..

H.E.A.R.T. in Lake Wales

We are now back on the Sower project HEART in Lake Wales. We got alot done over the week end on the house...Today they took us for a tour of the ' village'... scary!!! They live very primitive back here to train for mission work in the ' bush' in 3rd world countries.. They make thy own candles, soap, butcher their meat, heat their water by solar on the roofs..cook over a fire outdoors,, . draw their water from a well. Grow their fish in ponds, vegetables, weave cloth, etc. It is all for their training and then we come back to our RV's with a.c., computers, cell phones, color tv, microwaves, dial numbered beds, etc... They also warned us about wild boars, scorpions, snakes, and coyotes!!! 1 day down and 11 to go... We are invited to eat any meal in the dining hall at the college.... Warner South Christian.... for a full buffet for $4.50 !!!!! We play games tonight with the other 3 couples... 3 from Michigan and our leaders from New York... The weather is in the 80's again but they are talking of a cold front coming in.. Love to hear from YOU!! Carole

Saturday, February 7, 2009

We sure have been enjoying the few days we have off work and have really got alot done on our home.... Now we drive over 100 miles up to the project in Lake Wales and work 4 days only to drive back home again and work and attend church 3 days and repeat the schedule over again for 3 weeks. Then we plan to take 2 whole months off... We NEVER to that. We usually work 11 0ut of every 12 months... This project starts our 61st for SOWERS... This afternoon we bought a queen pillow top mattress set and bed. They just delivered it so tonight we will be sleeping in a bed. We have been sleeping on the floor on an air mattress.Tonight, we took Mark and daughters Emily and Sarah out to eat as he has helped us SO much!!! We went to' 5 guys and a burger'... VERY good but also EXPENSIVE!!! home made hamburgs and fries!!!! Plan to spend Sunday with my sister and her husband... They are coming down to see our new home.. Carole
Today Tim and Mark planted 2 royal palms... They also trimmed the tree in front of the window so now it is looking great in our front yard. Today Tab and I went to Garage Sales and bought an entire kitchen decor of apples including the dishes.. I will post a picture of the kitchen when we get it all set up.. Guess that is my birthday gift... weather is GREAT!!!

This is Mark's family and us on our new used couch before we began our BUSY day of cleaning, garage sales, tree planting, etc....

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Busy..busy.. busy!!!!

Guess I had better take the time to up date my blog.. We have been VERY busy with the house since Monday. Even though it was very livable, we have been working HARD to fix it the way we want it. Mark came over all day and trimmed ALL the trees and bushes!!! WOW !! Does that make a difference... The kids went in the pool thought it does not have the new heater yet and so is COLD!!! We bought a lovely patio set from Craig's List this morning and are heading out to furniture stores in a few minutes. So far, we have had lots of neighbors stop by... the pool guy, pest control guy twice and the insurance guy checking the roof for high winds.... Yesterday was my 66th birthday so Mark and Tab brought over pizza, gifts and root beer floats!!!! On Monday, we went to the store and bought LOTS of things to set up housekeeping... silverware, pillows, toaster,brooms, mop, food... etc... We have found that the dishwasher works great and we also have a disposal and ice maker.... Finally got the water turned on....Before we came here, we spent over 2 days with my sister Donna at Daytona Beach.. Nice WARM pool and great restaurants. We went to Aunt Catfish right on the inlet and also to Top of Daytona.. 29 stories up!!!! We had a 2 bedroom condo facing the Atlantic Ocean!!! Real nice !!! Only 2 more days to work and then we have to drive up to Lake Wales to move our m.h. I'll try to keep in touch more often... Carole