Sunday, November 30, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

I'm trying to get in the Christmas mood so today I wore my Christmas vest to church. We attended the big Baptist church in Leesburg.... it was good! We had a great week at Mark and Tab's in Ft. Myers.. made Christmas cookies, peanut butter pie, played a lot of board games, helped with some home schooling and really enjoyed the grand kids.. We enjoyed Thanksgiving at Tabitha's Mom home. She always has it so nice and is so hospitable... Thanks Sherry!!! Left on Friday to drive 240 miles to Ocala to pick up the m.h. Just pulled into Camp Horizon by dark... There are 5 couples here and ALL are originally from Michigan.. ( one couple moved to Wi. ) We have only been here 2 days and have already went out to eat with them 2 times . Not sure the women will have a lot of work as the Directors are very busy. ( Their daughter is graduating from college and getting married all in December. .. so their thoughts are else where.).. This makes the 4th time we have been here over the years so we kinda know the area and the camp. We can sit in our m.h. and see the beautiful Lake Harrris....There are a lot of spanish moss hanging from the trees and some alligators ( though we have not seen any lately ).. I have been busy trying to get my traditional Christmas letter out and the birthday cards ( We have a lot in December. ) We have still not heard anything about the house.... Merry Christmas!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Today we tried a new church and attended the Missionary Alliance Church but it was not like this church.. It was a beautiful building and very friendly people and pastor... We visited that church because it is close to the house IF we end up getting that house... Today we drove by and took pictures.... We have been enjoying staying in Mark and Tabitha's house for 3 days while they are up in Orlando and Sea World.. They are coming back home tonight. We are staying here for the week as our m.h. is in the repair shop...A week from tomorrow we start our new Sower project at Camp Horizon over at Leesburg ( north of Disney )... This will be our 4th time there s o we really enjoy Kitty, Steve and Ralph ... Carole

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Walking Santa

' Santa Claus is Coming to Town.'... Where is his sleigh??? We are through with this Sower project.... Today we washed windows in the dining hall and the library... It has been COLD in the morning... but warms up in the afternoon to about 70*....We leave in the morning for Ocala to drop off the m.h. for repairs and head for a week at Ft.Myers.... Hope it is warmer there. It usually is by 5-10 *.....My snowmen for Wordless Wednesday are the display we got for free for having our prescription filled at Wal Green.... Still have not heard anything on our house... Patience!! Carole

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tasting night at Publix's

This is the only picture we got at Publix's before the batteries quit... They had lots of food to sample... even peppermint ice cream, egg nog, pastries, yogurt, and a complete plate of ham, dressing, sweet potatoes, rolls, green bean casserole... like nothing you have ever seen... or tasted in a grocery tasting... This is me, Sharon, Santa and Eve.. Our granddaughter Jessica got her 4 point buck the first day of deer hunting... Only 2 more days of work... It really looks like Christmas around here as they put up lots of lights for the Christmas program...

Monday, November 17, 2008

How Great is our GOD!!!

WOW!!! How Great is our GOD!!!! Trying to get your thoughts on bigger things .... Today was good.. Tim and I and Bill painted in the dining hall and finished about 1/2 of the job. Everyone else had to work outside and it was COLD!!! The ladies met this afternoon and shared their craft ideas and talked.. Tomorrow night , we do a FUN thing... at least it was fun when we did it 3 years ago... We all go to Publix's ( grocery store ) and they have a Christmas tasting party..They really do it up BIG and have carolers, Frosty, Santa and lots of samples to try.. egg nog, hot cider,punch, fancy cookies and cheesecakes, etc.. It is a cheap but fun outing.. We took pictures and all.... Looking forward to that ... I'll try to blog some pictures... My pool parties are over as it is forecast for COOLER weather the rest of the time we are here... Friday.... I notice that a lot of you have not been posting lately.. Must be very busy!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I love this picture!!! This has been a good day in the Lord!!! We attended a good service this morning at Blessed Hope Baptist.. Was invited to a pot luck at a ladies' home.. about 25 of us... Delicious food!!! Then we went out to the garage to see the baby chicks they just had delivered cute!!! Tim and I went shopping and because I had my prescription filled at Wal Green ( for the first time ) they gave us an in- store check for $25. We had fun buying stuff we really did not need... including a cute snowman display.. After we got back to the m.h. some friends from New Brunswick ( Sandy and Elmer ) came over for a visit... It is COLD out ( 45* ) so the heater sure feels good!!!! Only 4 more working days...Have a great week ....

Krispy Kreme

I had a hard time getting this picture but I had to have a picture to go along with this blog... Did you know that if the circle sign is lite up on Krispy Kremes... you can go in and watch the glazed donuts being made.. and at the end of the belt... the lady hands you a FREE warm glazed donut.. Of course they want you to buy more but you don't have to.. Just thought you might like to know this important information... They must do it all over the country as we have been to Alabama and also Texas.... Carole

Friday, November 14, 2008

Fun Friday

Not more then 5 minutes ago, we all gathered outside in the road in front of the m.h. to see the space shuttle launch.. It was amazing!!! It was a bright light in the sky and then you could see a bright rocket in the sky.. traveling up toward the moon... AMAZING!!!!! Went to Apple Bee's for supper... steak and ribs ... uummmm!!!! Went to the pool today while our laundry was washing.. also got a lot of errands finished.. so a very good day!!! I even got all the floors mopped and vacuumed.. of course not much to do in a m.h......Temperature suppose to dropped overnight... So much for the pool...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

3 days off...

Now for 3 days off... We have had beautiful weather lately but by Saturday it is suppose to turn cool.. 70's... Today the humidity was 81 and temp. was 86* so work was REAL hot... We did get all the work finished that they ask. 40 new kids are coming down from N. York tomorrow so the dining hall will be more crowded . The pool was so inviting!!! Finally 1 lady agreed to go swimming with me and later another one also joined us... The water was so refreshing... I am the oldest woman here and the only one who wants to swim all the time. I am always asking them to ' meet me at the pool'.... so today 2 did... We have been inviting to Sunday dinner at Bob and Barb's home. They always invite the Sowers over once per project... On Monday, Tim and I are starting to paint the dining hall. That should take the rest of the week.... At least we will be working in a.c. and not out in this HOT weather!!

Wordless Wednesday on Thursday

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What a Day!!!

Today was fun as the women did not got to work.... Of course we need to work extra tomorrow IF we plan to get the rooms all cleaned by Thursday so they can move in Friday. 40 kids come down from their sister college at Schroon Lake, New York to practice and put on a huge but professional Christmas play... We have seen it 2 other years and it is GREAT!!! The 'Word of Life' invited us to a special breakfast this morning.. to welcome and honor us Sowers... Then when the guys went to work.. we drove into town to shop and have lunch at The Whole Note... Seems like it was started 37 years ago by a music teacher.... They built 2 round rooms for her house when they started out. As they had children, they added more round rooms... with halls connecting them.. Looks like whole musical notes... After 8 children, they built 7 round rooms and porches and a pool.. Then she opened the restaurant... Same menu every Tuesday... same every Wednesday, etc.. Today was French onion soup, broccoli quiche, salad, home made breads, ice teas and homemade pies. Cost $7.00 for as much as you wanted... The grand daughter gave us a special tour of the house... nice but too much clutter for me.. She also did ceramics so the house was filled with them and pictures everywhere... I would not like to live there. I like things very simple.... After, we went shopping and to a Yankee Candle Shop... After work, Tim and I ran into town to McDonald's for today's special.... buy one burger.. get one for one cent... So I ate out all 3 meals today!!! We had our Sower 'group picture ' taken tonight and then all 14 of us played games. This group really likes to socialize.. They have planned another picnic for Saturday and a museum and watch the sunset over Tampa Bay.... I'll probably be too tired tomorrow night to blog but I will try to blog Wordless Wednesday!! Carole

Sunday, November 9, 2008

We spent the week end in Ft. Myers and Cape Coral looking at homes for Sale. There are hundreds of houses but our realtor only showed us 6 .. So far we have choose one to put an offer on . Too early to write much about it as it may be a long time if and when we get it as it is a ' short sale ' and the banks are s-l-o-w------ But IF we do buy that one, it would be a very nice home for us. It has a pool and a hot tub...Mark and Tabitha LOVE it...No.. we are not ' going off the road' or quitting our agenda.. Just slowing down somewhat and enjoying - the Florida life style'!!!!!! We attended the Free Methodist Church in Cape Corral. A lot has changed since we were last there.... music leader, people, etc. Only recognized a few.... Tomorrow starts the 2nd. week of this project. The people are very friendly, the food is delicious!!! the weather is warm and the work is easy ( for me.. harder for Tim ).... pool is GREAT!!!!! The Sower ladies are going out for a lunch on Tuesday to ' The Whole Note '... From the air , this house looks like a whole note in music.. The lady serves lunch from her private home only from 11:30-1:00... Cost $5. for the basic and then $1.00 for each extra: bread, quiche, salad, etc... Different concept.... Have to try it out... Taught the grandkids a new card game.... BOSS.. And I must say they won almost every time!!! So much for that idea... Waiting for comments.. Carole

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The turkey walking

I have nothing to blog about but I have to blog because the turkey was walking on the Bible.. then after I blogged the pie recipe, he walked all over it.. now he is walking all over Santa's face so I figured if I just write some words.. he would walk on them.... Now, how am I going to blog any pictures in the future??? Carole

The kneeling Santa

I have always loved this picture where Santa is worshipping Baby JESUS !!! Are you getting ready for Christmas??? Only 49 more days...

No bake peanut butter pie !!!!

No Bake Peanut Butter Pie !!!!!

4 oz. cream cheese ( soften )
1 cup confectionery sugar (XXXX powder sugar )
1 cup crunchy peanut butter
1/2 cup milk
8 ounces cool whip (thawed)
1 deep dish graham cracker or chocolate pie crush

In a large bowl combine cream cheese and XXXX sugar.. blend well.. add peanut butter and blend... slowly add milk and blend.. fold in cool whip.. pour into pie shell, cover and freeze at
least 30 minutes... drizzle chocolate over top before serving... ummmm !!!!

Today is the last day of work for this week. They have a TON of jobs they want done but there is no way we can get them ALL done... So we did our best and now we have 3 days off to relax and vacation. The pool and hot tub are open but I can not convince anyone to go in swimming . Maybe I'll go alone just before Tim gets off work. We leave early in the morning to drive to Ft. Myers ( over 3 hours ) to meet with a realtor to look at homes in Cape Coral. There are hundreds of really nice homes for a reasonable price... We have our eye on a few... we will see how it goes tomorrow... So we have to miss the picnic at Tarpon Springs on Saturday.... It did turn cool for a few days but is HOT again... The election was a disappointment but GOD KNOWS!!!! Gotta go.. the pool is calling.... Carole

Monday, November 3, 2008

Word of Life Bible College... Hudson, Florida

One day down and 11 to go!! We are settled at Word of Life Bible College near Hudson, Fl. ( north of Tampa ).... There are 7 couples here and this time we did not know any of them... It has turned a warm 80* today. They have paired us off by couples to work.. a little unusual... Tim and I are painting the entry to the dining hall and another meeting room... They furnish us a nice ' break' and also a nice lunch.... Some of the others are cleaning cabins way back in the woods so I guess we got the better job.. They have a lot planned for these 3 weeks... ladies tea house, shopping at thrift stores, picnic at Tarpon Springs and shopping in Greek village ( It was famous for diving for sponges...) birthday party, game nights, church together and restaurants..... Tomorrow is the BIG day .. VOTING !!!! I pray that God has control of it all as I know HE does....