Friday, March 27, 2009

Forft Myers Beach

On Wednesday, the Kincaids and we got up REALLY EARLY to go down to Ft Myers Beach to see the sunrise. Usually it is PACKED with Spring Breakers but that morning only a few brave souls were out to watch the sunrise... Us, a few fishermen and this pelican.
The building was in the way of our view but it was still a beautiful sunrise... Then we walked the beach and saw sand sculptures.... not pretty enough to post..

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hot tub!!!

The tub finally got hot enough to enjoy!! Burton,Jeuneta and Tim about 8 PM tonight..

Sanibel Island

Tim and I on the beach ' shelling'.
The Kincaids... Jeuneta had that blue bag almost half filled with shells...

New car

We finally picked up our new car on Monday. Drove with our friends, the Kincaids, to Sanibel Island and went shelling today.. A quick picture of Tim and me and our new Saturn Vue 6... color gold mist!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Busy Saturday

Still enjoying the pool when I have time.. actually I do have time.. it is Tim that is always busy.. The weather has been in the 80's so........ Grandkids have been over and on Friday I even ' home schooled' them before they were allowed to go in the pool... I did teach 2nd and 4th. ... the grades they are in.... Been practicing the keyboard and auto harp lately.. They have been a long time packed away. We are seriously considering buying a new '09 Saturn Vue 6... dusty gold.. Our friends the Kincaids are coming to visit us on Monday for a few days. That should be fun!! May take them to Sanibel or Fort Myers Beach.. but it is really crowded with the ' Spring breakers'... Our church is having bowling and pizza tomorrow afternoon.. may take our grand daughters...Have most of our pictures hung on the walls and getting our guest bedroom ready. Come and see us!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tim and 911 ......

Tim went in Monday for an MRI and ended up in the emergency and hospital over night... They claim the flu came on him REAL quick ( 5 minutes ) He claims it had something to do with the dye they used... A scary night for us.!!!! Mark stayed with me overnight and was a wonderful help. Thanks so much Mark!!!! We are only 1 1/2 miles from the hospital but we still called 911..... Tim is taking it 'easy' and feeling somewhat better... He always has some job that HAS to be done.... But GOD is good!!!!

Apple Kitchen

This is the window that looks out on the pool. I closed the blinds as the sun was too bright for the camera. It is a great time to have my coffee and devotions here and watch the pool.... Tabitha sewed the curtains with some advise from sister Donna. Thanks girls!!! The dishes are my apple dishes...and apple place mats.. TOO much?????
The only thing not apple are the pictures of the grand kids on the refrigerator... Since this picture we have hung the stain glass window up higher...

Notice a normal coffee pot and toaster.. The salt and pepper are apple and even the ribbons on the baskets... TOO MUCH???????

Grandson TY

This is our grandson TY.. named after his 2 grandfathers Timothy and Yale.. He loves to keep his things in order and as he was over the other day to play.... he lined all his animals up. Just had to take a picture!!!! He sure looks like his Dad Mark did at 3 years...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another busy week end!!! Tim has been busy fixing all the screens and the 2 doors to the lanai. It has been in the 80's so the pool feels real good! Tim even went in today for the first time!!! Emily and Sarah have been over for the past 2 nights and have really enjoyed the pool!!! We just saw the shuttle launch a few minutes ago. Cape Kennedy is quite a ways from here but once it got up in the sky..... you could see it real clear from our front yard... Amazing!!! We are remembering alot of you in prayer as sickness and the flu seem to be going around... My Apple kitchen is almost complete so maybe pictures next time...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Enjoying the Cape!!!

The scene from our bedroom doors. You really can not see the 5 citrus trees Mark and Tim planted in the back yard. We have been very busy since we attended the Reunion last week. Moved the m.h. to Lazy Daze to have the front window fixed and now tomorrow Tim and Mark are going back up near Orlando and moving it to storage for 2 months. We have been fixing a lot of things here at the house and enjoying it too. Mark and Tab were our first official dinner guest on Sunday... The weather has been in the 80*'s so can not complain except when we are doing yard work ... We are anxious for our company to come visit us at Easter and invite YOU to come, too!!!

Donna, Dick and Becky went back to Michigan last Friday. Guess they have lots of snow back home. We kept telling them that they should stay longer but we did enjoy them .
Me with my VERY SHORT hair!! Did I tell you about that? It has been 12 days now and is still too short!!
Our new bed and comforter set. NOT a great picture but my kids wanted to see it...
I am the first official adult to swim in the pool. It is COLD because we do not have a heater yet so only the kids have gone in so far!!! This is the deep end at 6'.... So you see I can swim....

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Here we are at the Sower's Reunion in Vero Beach.. There are only 40 couples here. A drop in attendance from other years. We have worked with 19 of them.. I went in to get a hair trim before we came on Saturday and BOY.. Did she trim it SHORT!!!! The food here is delicious and the programs really good. As though I need more excuses to eat!!! Have had lots of free time to read, nap and visit. We are anxious to get back to the house in the Cape and start painting and fixing.. and enjoying the pool...... The weather is in the 80*s.......It is strawberry time and the oranges are all ripe..... Have had some great times with my sister for a month but I guess they are heading back to Michigan on Friday... I heard it is -2* there !!!! We are looking forward to having our granddaughter Abby fly down after Easter and spend some time with us and then ride back to Michigan with us in May... We will also get to spend a few days with grand daughter Maddy in April and our daughter Kathi's family is coming from Tn. at Easter!!! Would love to see YOU all!!!