Thursday, January 28, 2010

NO !!! This is not the view out our back yard but we do see sunsets about as pretty as this through the neighbors' trees... The weather has been great lately and doublely since I heard of all the COLD weather in the North !!! We miss Kari and the kids... but we have been busy.... Tim has been working on the taxes... I have been sorting closets and giving to Goodwill... I was thrilled to receive a CD from my cousin with lots of old pictures of Grand parents and genealogies, etc. My birthday is Tuesday... My Mom's would have been Monday... She would have been 95....Tomorrow is son's 40th... Not so little anymore...
Really must get some pictures of the house to post but I am waiting until after we paint... Enjoy life !!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Grandkids !!!!

The cousins love to get together at the pool.. This is Bekie, Karlie, Emily and Sarah...Notice the irrigation being installed in our back yard... So today it rains !!!
Andrea laying on our new rug without her oxygen tubes... She gained 1 1/2 pounds while they were here... Really alert and smiling a lot... A MIRACLE !!!!!

Grandma and Andrea... Sure love that little girl.!!!!Mark's 4 and 4 of Kari's with Tim and I standing on our new circular driveway.. Still needs landscaping... Sure was a busy but fun 3 weeks... Now we are alone... Come visit us !!! Weather is 80* !!!

Kari and Andrea in her new tye dye dress... Some people wanted a picture of our new recliner...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

We are up in Orlando watching grand daughter Andrea while the rest of the family is enjoying Disney... It is a gorgeous day weather wise.... Just thinking of going down to the indoor heated pool after my nice nap.... Had a great lunch at Olive Garden... Tim, I and Andrea... ALL the waitresses Ooh and aah ed over her..... She is a cutie !!!! Hear they are expecting some warmer weather up North.. that will be good ..... Will have to post pictures one of these days...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

We have been very busy with having daughter Kari and 4 of her children visiting... We have enjoyed them all and especially nice to have a baby in the house.. Andrea is doing SO good... She is a very good baby and seldom cries.... I am taking some lessons on how to fix her special bottles, oxygen tubes, readings, etc. so I can watch her next week when they spend the day in Disney.. I will just stay the day in the motel.. No use exposing her to all those germs as I can do with out Disney..... It has been too cold to enjoy the pool so far but we are praying for warmer weather soon... maybe next week... The kids ask every day.... But they already think it is warm out and go out in shirt sleeves... They keep saying " Grandma, don't forget... we are from Newberry " ( in the UP of Mi ).... Loving our new church... Tim went to the Men's Prayer breakfast this morning and was the speaker....Kids like playing my autoharp, watching Grandpa's Western movies and plan to have a Wii challenge... Also have been trying out restaurants that they don't have in Mi....It is great to have grandkids around the house !!!! Our daughter Kathi and Mike in Tn. had a baby girl on Thursday.. That makes their 7th child and our 20th grandkid... Gabrianna ( Gabby ) 8#8oz.... Now we have 12 grand daughters !!! WOW !!!!