Thursday, May 29, 2008

Back to our home..motorhome!!!

Since last I wrote we have visited with some Sower friends that we met and worked with in Tn. in April. It seems like we have known them for years and we had such a good time. They have a lovely home near Edmore, Mi. We went out to dinner together and spent the night... On Thursday, we drove to my brother-in-law's near Grand Rapids but could not find him at home.. We did go to the cemetary where my sister Betty is buried and put flowers out.. Now we are back in Elkhart, In. but since our m.h. is not finished yet.. the Monoco RV put us " up for the night" in a gorgeous suite called Candlewood .... Plan to leave tomorrow for Brown City, Mi. Our next project starts Monday morning...We have been gone from our m.h. 11 nights and drove close to 1,000 miles .... Thank GOD for all the safe miles and people we visited.. Carole

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Siblings

These are my siblings that I have left since the passing of my sister Betty in '05 and my folks. You probably recognize Tim and me... Where do we live?? "On the road."
My brother Orlo and his wife Dort. live in Mancelona.. He is 8 years older thus we have never been real close..
My sister Donna and her husband Dick live in Cheboygan. She is retiring from being the elementary principal at Pellston this year. We were raised almost like twins and are still very close.... We plan some good times in the future..

Our travels!!!

We are at our daughter Kristy's and the kids are in school so I can check my blogs and post.. We have traveled many miles and visited a lot since I last blogged. We did make it to the village cafe near Traverse City for our BLT'S but the restaurant was "under new management" so not as good as we remembered.. On Friday we drove up to Mancelona to visit at my brother's, then on to Cheboygan to my sister's.. Ate whitefish at Darrow's in Mackinaw... yumm!! Crossed the Bridge and visited daughter Kari at NewBerry... Now we are near West Branch at Kristy's. We have visited 31 family and friends since I last wrote.. WOW!!! Plans for leaving in the morning to go back to Elkhart to pick up our m.h. and head for our next project in Brown City, Mi.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our plans

I have not been near a computer for a few days so could not blog.. I have no pictures to post as I am not using my computer. We are in Michigan now for the summer. We have not been here since last Sept.. Have had Dr. appt. on Tuesday and Wednesday. Visited with friends in South Bend.. Really had a GOOD time!!! Then tonight we visited with 2 of Tim's sisters and tomorrow night his brother.. Probably won't see them for the rest of the summer as we won't get on this side of the state.. especially with the price of diesel.. We have a 100 gallon tank in our m.h. so at close to $5.00/ gallon ... you do the math!!!! Our next Sower project is Brown City camp near Marlette... This will be our 3rd time there so we know the director and all the people we are working with.. They always give each couple the use of a golf cart while we are there. Maybe I'll blog that...The guys that were injured so bad in the car wreck in Aldama, Mexico are improving slowly. The people are treating them like royalty... providing food, entertaining, pushing them around in wheel chairs... But keep praying.. they have a long way to go to heal.. physically and emotionally.. Looks like I write more when I don't send pictures.... Not sure when our m.h. will be ready in Elkhart, In. Will probably go back to get it on Friday or Sat... Tomorrow we plan to go up to see the cemetery where Tim's family is buried and put flowers out... near Traverse City.. His 2 sisters are going a long... And we even plan to stop at a little cafe in Thompsonville where they have the BEST BLT sandwiches!!! We'll see... Carole

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cedar Point !!!

This is the gang that met at Cedar Point Amusement Park on Friday.. There were 8 adults and 12 kids... The weather was PERFECT even though it had been raining for days... Rode LOTS of rides, ate LOTS of food, walked MILES around in the park and smiled for LOTS of pictures.. I think it was field trips for every high school in the area near and far as there were hundred of teen- agers.... I only rode on the NEEDLE and did not eat the fudge.. ( family tradition ).. It was good to see the kids and grandkids as most of them we had not seen since last Sept... It was a very good day for memories.. THANK YOU GOD!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Creation Museum

This scene of Adam and Eve is from The Creation Museum . We spent 6 hours there on Friday .. It was VERY GOOD!! They say it is in Ohio but actually it is in Hebron, Ky. Cost..$20.00 or $15. for seniors.. Pays to be OLD!! They have lots of videos to see, walk thru tour, Noah's Ark, dinosaurs and Noah's Cafe and Grill... A fun place...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Most popular names!!

Did you know the MOST popular names are: Girls... Emily, Isabella and Emma .... Boys names are: Jacob, Michael and Ethan..2 of our grandkids have those names and our GPS system in our vehicle we call EMMA... Thought that you might want to know.. Carole

6 things that make ME smile!!!

I smile when I look at this huge bag of HUGE marshmallows that we bought in Mexico this winter.. We plan to save them and share them with our 18 grandchildren this summer at camp!!!
This T-shirt is my Mother's Day gift from Mark and Tabitha. It is the right size...right color... and right message.. I am sure I'll wear it a lot. !!!!

I am actually posting 6 things that make me smile as 2 of them are quilts... This unique quilt was a Christmas gift from Tabitha.. I use it a lot!!!

This quilt took MANY hours of labor and 2 daughters to complete it but we sure enjoy it's warmth on our bed... THANKS Kristy and Kathi !!!!

This is a lovely scrapbook that Kari made for me for Christmas in 2002.. It took many hours of TIME and LOVE!!!

This makes me smile!! This is a lovely bouquet of artificial flowers from Kristy for Christmas. I look at it and DREAM!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Question about blogging...

I'm still thinking about Tabitha's challenge of posting ( with photo .. if possible ) 5 things around your house that make you smile..Join us.. Should be fun!! Right now I just have a question that really "bugs me". Does anyone know why the time recorded on your blog comments is always wrong?? I have set and re-set the time and yet, sometimes it is off exactly a hour or so and sometimes it is WAY off... It makes it look like I am up at 2 or 3 A:M blogging.. I'd really like to know why it does that..... We did go to the Creation Museum for 6 hrs. yesterday.. It was GOOD!!! Will post later with pictures... Another rainy day!! Only 4 more days of work and then Cedar Point!!! Carole

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Hi.. Thanks for all your prayers for The Way of the Cross in Harlingen, Tx. Carolyn and I have been VERY busy and working extra each day painting signs ( 33 ) for the camp... We are sure tired of painting... Today we only worked a little to finish them and took the rest of the day off. Last night we were invited for supper at the home of a young couple who are on staff here...They have 4 small children so we had a lot of entertainment at the table... They even made us a Thank You cake.... It is raining a lot.. Gas is up to 3.79/ gallon. WOW!!! Diesel is way over 4.00/ gallon!!! We plan to spend the day tomorrow at the Creation Museum.. It is actually in Ky. so will have to drive back south.. We are north of Cincinnati.... They say it takes ALL day and 2 days if you watch all the videos... But they say it is the one thing we HAVE to see... Hope I have some pictures to post later.... Love Carole

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Please pray for...

We just received word that the work project we did in February in Harlingen, Texas was going to a Pastor's Conference in Aldama, Mexico and was involved in a head on collision. Two of their missionaries were killed.. We knew Ben ( the cook ) and may have met Andrea.. can't remember.. There were also 5 injured... Two of them ( Corrie and John ) were guys that were on our team when we went down to Aldama. That was the place we worked building the showers for the Conference which begins today in Aldama. The 7 people in the car that blew a tire and hit them were ALL killed.. And to think we probably rode in that same van approximately 3 months earlier.... going to the same village in Mexico.. Please pray that God will be glorified through it all... just don't understand... Please pray for the Conference as Satan sure wants to stop it.. Thank You for your prayers.. Tim and Carole

Monday, May 5, 2008

Laundry Again!!

This is the tree in Kathi's yard.. Maybe I should let her post it... We attended the Free Evangelical Church in the YMCA in Labanon.. It is the largest YMCA building in the world.. The YMCA used to be christian.. when it first started. But now it is very secular. The churches are trying to get the christian back in the YMCA... There are thousand of YMCA around the world.. Ate lunch with the other Sower couple at Bob Evans... Beautiful weather... Today we start laundry.. Where have I heard that word before??? Carole

Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Rainy Saturday!!

This is our scenery out our living room window now. It is really pretty in this new campground!! They feed us 2 meals a day and though we don't have to work on the week ends, we volunteered in the kitchen.. So all 4 of us stayed after lunch and cleaned tables and wrapped silverware and set tables for supper... Now we tease that we have a new skill... wrapping silverware..... The guy that wrote the Serendipity Bible is the guest speaker here this week end.... The director of the Camp was the chaplain for the Cinn. Reds... Used to be head of Athletics in Action... Lots of rain but they need it... Monday we work on a big mailing... Tomorrow we plan to go with the other couple to church and out to eat. They only live 3 miles from here so just ran home to get something for their t.v. Tim is feeling somewhat better...Still on meds... Plan to go to Skyline Chili and on Friday go to The Creation Museum... Some of this I might already have written.. Oh Well!!! Carole

Thursday, May 1, 2008

King's Domain Christian Camp..Ohio

We FINALLY made it to our destination for the next month. We had been warned that it was Awful hard to get a big 40 ft. RV in. As we got closer we saw a sign saying NO TRUCKS or TRAILERS!!! So we pulled off the road. A guy mowing came over and said BE CAREFUL.. You can make it!! Just then the state police came by and said NO WAY!! So we had to un- hook the car to be able to turn around... Then the guy that has the camp showed up and said NO PROBLEM.. Then another guy stopped and said .. You aren't going to try to go through.. are you? I'm a truck driver and I tell you... no way!! Finally Tim jumped in the guy's car and went to check it out... So he drove the m.h. REAL slow and I -the car and the camp guy his car.. ALL OUR HAZARDS FLASHING!!!!We made it back in here... kinda nice and secluded.. lots of red bud trees... friendly people.... trails to walk.. hope not a lot of work....A weak phone and internet signal BUT I can get it slowly... So stay tuned for my blogs and hopefully pictures.. This is the home of the Skyline Chili ( Chili over spaghetti ) Tim and our son Mark LOVE it so will check that out... Diesel was 4.09 with our discount so a fill up was EXPENSIVE!! But we stopped at Meijer's ( only have them in Mi. Ohio, Ind. Ky and Wi. ) and they had a REAL good deal on groceries so we spent a lot of time and money there.. The other couple Russel and Carolyn that will join us tomorrow only live 3 miles from here so will probably go home a lot.. for laundry, church , etc. Maybe they will invite us over... Tim is feeling much better as long as he rest and takes meds. Not sure about t.v. reception.. might get a lot of reading done... Carole

On The Road Again!!!!

We spent the night in the Wal Mart parking lot... lots of people do... as we are on the way to our project in Ohio.. We met a couple parked next to us...turned out they are Christians who work in flea markets in Fl. and Mi. They sell sun catchers and veg. peelers... How would you like your income to rely on selling veg. peelers?? But they were happy and shared their love for God!! Sometimes I think we have too much... They had an old '87 m.h. which had lost it's muffler. We parked next to them in our new m.h. We always try to thank God for all HE has blessed us with and be grateful every day... God is good!! Carole