Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday in Tn.

Just got back to the camp on Monday after we spent 3 days at Kathi's. We had a lot of fun with the grandkids... Tim did end up going to the Dr. and finding out he has pneumonia.. He is on meds and feeing better. We plan to leave in the morning for Ohio... It is cold here in Tn. Only 50... Got our laundry caught up.. I've done a lot of laundry here.. so I should know the procedure.. We will finally move the m.h. off the ridge here but heard that the place we are going to in Ohio is also on a steep high hill.... Maybe we will get good t.v. and internet.... Love to read all the blogs and comments.. Carole

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Monkey bread & water balloons!!!

Hi... We are at our daughter Kathi's for the week-end... This is the gang.. ha ha !!!!!
Yes they have a dog.. actually 2.. a real cute puppy... Yesterday they had a Sale.. We just sat out under the trees on their new swing and talked waiting for customers. Even ate lunch out there... Not sure what the plans for today are.. but talked of making " monkey bread " with the grandkids.... Church tomorow and back to the m.h. on Monday as we need to get ready to head for our new Sower Project in Ohio... It has been nice to do a project in Tn. as even thought we have been 150 miles from Kathi's , we have been able to be here 3 different times to visit. We usually only see them a few days coming or going from Michigan to Florida and back... Last night after the Sale was closed down, we brought out the water balloons that Tim had bought and let them have a " water balloon fight ".. Were they SOAKED!!!! I tied most of the balloons so I got WET, too!!! Then they played " water balloon baseball "!!! Need I say more??? Carole

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This is the group we are in charge of this month.. We are in front of a school bus because it seemed fitting as 4 of us were teachers.. One couple from Alabama, Wisconsin and 2 from Michigan...Today we sorted all the items from the craft room... WHAT A JOB!!! Next we started on organizing the Christmas room.... That will take the rest of our time here.... Tomorrow the Staff is putting on a cook- out for us... STEAKS!!!! We may not get a good signal for internet on our next project so you may get a break from my blogging for a month.. unless we drive out and take our laptop to town... Next project is King's Domain near Cincinnati, Ohio.. Heard there is a Creation Museum there I'll want to see.... Stay tuned for more info. on my blogs... Carole

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Just thinking of you and wanted to let you know.. A lovely day of church and lunch at "Golden Corral" with 8 Sowers... in Cookeville,Tn. Only 4 more days at this project. It has been good!! Think we may come back here again someday... More laundry tomorrow and the guys are pouring more cement... They gave us a list of jobs to do when we came and even though it looked LONG, we have it almost complete. Amazing how much work us old folks do... together... Planning a big cook out on the deck that overlooks a lovely lake. Maybe I'll get some pictures.. Carole

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Red Bud Tree

Just another picture of the Red Bud tree. They grow all over in this area.. A cool rainy day here. I hear even in Mi. they had warmer weather. Can't complain.. God is Good!!! Carole

Lazy Saturday

Another lovely day and a Saturday at that.. Not much planned to do.. Want to ride around the camp in the golf cart and video the camp. I have done that at every 62 work projets we have done so someday when we are old we can look back at our videos and remember all the places GOD has led us all over the USA.. We have been in every state plus Mexico and Canada.... Have worked with over 200 couples.. It has been a REAL blessing... Carole

Friday, April 18, 2008

I Love You!!!

Not anything special to say. Just though this was cute.... I was having trouble with my blog sending pictures so wanted to see if it was working again...Carole

Fall Creek Falls

Today we went to view the Fall Creek Falls. They are the longest Falls East of the Mississippi. They are 256 feet. Tim hiked to the bottom of the Falls. We also went to see the Piney Falls and Canal Falls...

Sightseeing on Friday in Eastern Tn.

This is our motorhome parked right on the edge of a steep cliff. Hope we don't get a wind!!! Tim made this stand to hold our name sign and flag...

This is the flowering Dogwood. We saw lots of these trees today. The Dogwoods don't actually " "bloom" though. What appears to be flowers are actually modified leaves called bracts. The real flowers are tiny yellow clusters found inside the bracts.. . We spent most of the day hiking through the woods and enjoying the flowering trees.. It was a lovely day.. about 75 degrees..... Ended up for supper at Peking"s Chinese Buffet.. UUM!!!
This is a Red Bud tree ( Judas Tree ). It is a native wild flowering tree. Knoxville has over 60 miles of Dogwoods but it was too far for us to travel over there when there are many trees right here.. Hope your day was good ,too.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lemon Pie !!!

I just made a lemon pie and it is GOOD!! I usually don't bake much but we got a convection oven in our new m.h. Also made a German Chocolate cake but I do not have a picture of that... Carole

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Think Spring!!!

No... This is not where we are at but just wanted to share this lovely picture with you so you could think SPRING!!! There are mts. and hills here in central Tn. but not any with snow on them. Quite an evening spent with a Sue WhiteCotton.. Lives up on the top of the mt. and the lovely meal she fixed us, entertained us with her guitar and singing, stories she told us and ended up giving us 4 ladies each a small quilt... Just met her this week... Their church had the Sale and raised over $4,000. to send kids to this camp.. They plan to send 32 kids... Half way through with this project.. probably more laundry tomorrow... God's Best to You and Yours..Carole

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Our Work Project in Tn.

Wow! What a week and week-end. We worked hard at the camp getting ready for a HUGE sale to benefit the camp kids. The Presbyterian Church in town was having a sale to send kids to this camp so we went in to help them set it up and work on it on our time off.... I have also been in charge of the Laundry room and have washed hundreds of sheets and towels and kids clothes ... 75 girls swimsuits and 49 boys suits!!!! They have 2 pools here and the kids love it but most do not have suits when they come... One kid even brought an empty suitcase to camp as she did not have any other clothes to bring... We had BAD weather on Th. and Fri. RAIN and Tornadoes... Drove 150 miles to our daughter Kathi's over the week-end and a tornado hit just north of town only 20 minutes after we had been in that area. Tim painted a bedroom for her, we babysit 5 kids, went to the park for a picnic ( Little Caesar's ) had strawberry short cake ( Strawberries are 1.00@ quart... played cards ( GIRLS won!! ) attended their beautiful new church and drove 150 miles back home to our RV... It is COLD here and work starts tomorrow. There are beautiful FALLS in the area...Also lots of caves... Hope to see them next week-end... One of the staffer here goes caving all the time ..150 feet down with his 12 year old son.. NOT ME !!! The trees are really budding out since we first came... Lots to do in Nashville... if you like COUNTRY... Carole

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lots of Hard but Rewarding Work.!!!!!!

Does this look like Dad? I found it on the internet.... It has been a busy work day.!! The guys poured cement.. and the ladies washed lots and lots of clothes and sheets. We also sorted piles and piles of clothes to get ready for a sale for the camp... We have 2 golf carts to ride around in.. the weather is lovely... Tonight we played games.. didn't win... This is a very nice camp and so worthwhile... They really minister to the poor children and widows...We like to work places that are needy and honor your comments... Carole

Friday, April 4, 2008


We made it to our Work Project site through lots of rain... It is VERY hilly and steep cliffs.. Actually we are on the top of Hurricane Ridge.. hope that is no indication.. There are going to be 4 couples now as 2 more signed up..We already worked with one couple in August at a Bible Camp in Wisconsin. The director and his wife came over for a visit.. They were REAL friendly and plan to socialize with the Sowers a lot. Some do and some don't.. Ermeda and Ben... This is a camp for poor kids ( they pay nothing ) and they come from all the gaps and hallows of Tn. and Kentucky.. Think we'll meet Lil' Abner and Disney Mae???? We do get good email reception and some t.v.. Only 5 miles from Wal Mart.... a few restaurants and churches... It REALLY RAINED in the night but no chance of us flooding ( like a lot of local areas ) as we are way up on a mt. top... Lots of flowering trees around... Think we are going to like this Project.. It seems to be needy and Christ like... Carole

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Our Tennessee Grandkids

We have enjoyed 3 days with 6 of our grandkids.. now it is time to travel on to our next work project. We will only be about 120 miles from them so plan to see them next week end.. The kids LOVED sleeping over in the motorhome... We really do have a larger couch.. don't know why we sat there for pictures.. I think they would like to go with us to our next project.. Maybe they will become Sowers someday... Hope we have good email service so I can blog ... Carole

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

We drove 600 miles to Tn. and are enjoying our 6 grandchildren. They had a birthday cake and ice cream for Tim last night... 67 yrs. now.. The worship service was so good on Sunday.. the Sower President spoke and good music and Communion... Left ALERT in a RAIN storm!!! It is warm and sunny in Tn. Plan to go shopping today and maybe paint some walls for Kathi tomorrow... dining room and/or bedroom... Kids have grown since we have seen them last Nov.... They LOVE our new motorhome.. Could hardly get it in their driveway.. It is over 40'....Today is April's Fool but so far no one has fooled us....... Carole