Monday, June 30, 2008


It has been 11 days since I have had a chance to get near a computer... hence NO BLOG.. I have missed it even if you did not. We had a GREAT week of camp with our 5 grand daughters.. perfect weather, got along good, delicious dining hall food, fabulous singing and heart provoking messages... even got some visiting in and some naps.... It was one of the BEST years we have had at camp .... God is good!!! Today starts our 3 day Dillehay reunion and all our family (27 ) are here at Hemans camp. Today my sister Donna and some of her children ( cousins ) are driving in for the day to visit, play, reminiscent and EAT!!! Pray we have a great reunion and the glory be given to GOD....

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Brown City Project Complete!!!

Hi.. We have finished the work project at Brown City and will be busy for a few days at Hemans before our actual camp starts on Sunday.. Sure looking forward to a week of camp.. always fun with the grand kids, eating in the dining hall, visiting friends we have made over the years and participating in the good services and activities..( ladies' tea, Saturday's pot -luck ,crafts, mission's auction, ice cream social, ' love day ' for missions, etc.) . This year 2 of our granddaughters will be new to the camp.. Emily and Sarah from Florida.. I have also finished my 3 weeks of therapy and it has really helped me with my legs and knee strength and balance...A lady has taught me more about the auto harp.... I have driven the car more than I have in a long time, I am getting over my allergies and I have lost 4#.. so it has really been a GOOD project... Tomorrow we plan to finish the siding and paint a few more picic tables.. We are also busy planning our 3 day Reunion following camp with our 4 kids and their families. That should be a FUN time!! I have appreciated the " spiritual lessons " I have learn lately. GOD is good and HE is Faithful!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

We are at Hemans Camp

Well... I have been sick so that is why no blog for a few days.. We have moved our m.h. over to Hemans Camp so we could get a site. As we are 40 feet long and the larger sites are starting to fill up.. first come .. first serve... We will have to drive back and forth to Brown City to work for 4 more days.. 50 miles round trip per day... but they feed us this last week so will not have to cart food over and back.. It is very pleasant here at Hemans. Only a few others are actually on the grounds.. Very peaceful and lovely... Tim is busy working on the siding of candy store and I plan to paint some picnic tables today... We are anxious for a week of camp with 5 of our grandkids and then 3 wonderful days of a reunion with ALL of our kids and grandkids... 28 total...The summer is going by so fast!!! I'll try to have pictures next time... Carole

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Half way throught with work project

We always know that on the 2nd Tuesday, we are half way thought with the project. Time sure goes fast!! We are still cleaning tables and chairs. Kathy went to therapy with me and LOVED it..So she is going to have her Dr. refer her and start coming.. We sure have been getting a lot of rain!!! Tonight we are having our hot dog roast inside.. About 30 people are coming and we know a lot of them... Yesterday 3 of us got together for 2 hours and practiced our auto harps.... That inspired me to practice more... Maybe I'll make peanut butter cookies this afternoon and take a nice cozy nap.... Carole

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Busy.. Busy...Busy!!!!!!

Well ,it has been a busy week end.. Mostly work!!! Left here Friday morning and drove 25 miles to Hemans Camp... We cleaned the dining room floor and later help paint it... Painted 10 old pews for Bible school... scrubbed 6 high chairs .. talked alot on Saturday to our kids on the phone....watched Tim work on the siding on "candy store"... Today we attended 2 services at the Sandusky FM church with another couple to represent Hemans.... Tonight we had to " run for cover " from BAD thunder storms and tornados... Glad the week end is over and we can go back to work on Monday and rest.. Big hot dog roast on Tuesday, therapy 3X this week and back to Hemans this Friday and Saturday... and next Sunday is Father's Day... We have seen a lot of friends and that is alway nice.... God is good to us.... Carole

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Our Golf Cart

This is to show Mark that we really do have a golf cart to use for 3 weeks.. Today Kathy and I washed more tables and chairs. I started my first session of therapy for my knees. The therapist Anita King is real nice and encouraging. I'll be seeing her 3X/ week for the 3 weeks we are in this area.. Today new Sowers came over to work for a few days ( They live in the area. ) and since it was her birthday, they brought a nice birthday cake... to share with all of us at break... Tim is feeling much better.... Love all your comments!! Carole

Monday, June 2, 2008

Brown City Missionary Camp Project

One day down and eleven to go.. Just kidding.. this is an o.k.project.. Today I worked with a new lady Kathy and we got along fine. Had a lot in common... We cleaned and filled about 150 salt and pepper shakers and washed tables and chairs.. Have enough chairs to be on that job the rest of the week... We only plan on working 3 days this week as the ladies are taking Thursday off to go to a block yard sale!!! They finally gave us our golf cart to use but I haven't got a picture of me driving it yet to blog.... A couple here gave us lots of left over food from a graduation so we met together for lunch.... Tim is still feeling sick but works anyway.. He coughs and sneezes a lot. May be allergies but never had troubles before.... We attended our church we belong to.. only seem to get there once or twice a year and even got to set in on a society meeting.. A lot of people we don't know anymore.. so many new ones.. That is good!! But it was good to see some of the OLD ones we remember and they remember us... Plan on starting to put new siding on the " candy " store over at our church camp Hemans... We go over there on Friday and Saturday ( We don't work those days.) and work there... It is about 25 miles from here.... They are sure starting to make improvements on that camp in the past few years... It starts 3 days after we finish this work project... Hope that 5 of our granddaughter's are going to come to camp with us this year.. One year , we took as many as 7 little ones.. WHEE!!!! But we do want them to get to go to a Christian camp while they are young... I LOVED camp when I was a teen.. Carole