Saturday, April 25, 2009

Busy days in Florida

I have been practicing the keyboard and my autoharp more lately. Sometimes I let it go for weeks. The weather is in the 80*'s EVERY day so I also spend alot of time in the pool!! We are planning to leave Florida on Saturday before Mother's Day and take 3 days driving the m.h. to Michigan. Tim has a 50 Year Reunion from Spring Arbor High School and then north to see kids and grandkids and Dr. appointments... Abby has been gone for 3 days visiting her aunt and uncle in Port Charlotte.. just north of here... Sunday we start babysitting Mark's 4 kids as they are going to Daytona Beach for a few days of business....Tim has finally finished with the HUGE roof... only had help 2 times....Now he is finishing putting the gates up to a chain link fence he installed in our back yard..Kari and Andrea are both doing good!!! Kari is at Ronald McDonald House.... Andrea has gained a few ounces....PRAISE GOD!!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009


This is our lovely granddaughter Abby who is visiting from Michigan .... We went to the FleaMaster's market yesterday and she saw these tiny bananas... we just had to buy them.... only about 2 bites. We are planning to go to a dinner show at Broadway Palms.. Should be fun.. Will post more later.. Kari is out of the hospital but takes a shuttle bus and goes back every day to see Andrea... Thank You for praying.. Please continue... God is good!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Update on Kari and Andrea...

We are thanking the Lord for alot of answers so far for prayers... Kari is feeling alot better and MAY be released from the hospital today. She plans to stay in the Ronald McDonald House for months (? ) Andrea had heart surgery on Wednesday to fix a heart valve and so far is doing good... Please pray for her to be able to be taken off the breathing machine as being on too long can cause further damage... Kristy went home yesterday after 10 long days.... Kari's oldest daughter Abby flew down on Monday eve. to visit with us ... We are really enjoying her already and we have not even gone shopping, eating out, plays, dinner theater, church, movies or to the flea market... all in good time. She is doing homeschool A Beka so will not have to miss school.... Bible and Math ( guess what Tim taught...) and PE.. ( Did I mention ... the pool? ) She will stay with us until when we head back to Michigan in May.... Keep praying!! THANKS!!!!

Easter Sunday Cupcakes...

Our daughter Kathi decorated our cupcakes for Easter dinner as baskets filled with candy eggs as she is taking a cake decorating class back home in Tennessee... tasted good too!!!! uummm!!!


Can you tell that we have had company since Easter Sunday? Our daughter Kathi, Mike and their 6 kids!! They have sure enjoyed the pool!! Sunday Easter service, egg hunt, the Ft Myers beach, Lakes water park, rode a bicycle built for 8, meals out on the lanai, DVD, Chi Chi Pizza, Little Ceasar's Pizza, picture taking, Lowery Park Zoo in Tampa and Grandpa and Grandma... They are heading back home to Tennessee to work and school tomorrow....We sure enjoyed them !!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Tim on roof

This is Tim spending his Easter vacation putting a new roof on our house, Notice the pool and spa below. It is so HOT out...83*... you would think he would want to jump right in the pool...
It is really quite a big roof to do. Son Mark is working with him at this time... Guess he is carrying the shingles up...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Company last night

We had company last night. First we all met at Chi Chi's Pizza... uuummm!! There were 8 adults and 6 lids. The kids got in free as long as they colored an Easter picture...
This is nephew Mike and family from Michigan, son Mark and family, and Tim and me.

The weather was cold!!! but the pool was warm so only the kids went in.... Fun!!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kari and Andrea

It has been a difficult pass few days and will continue to be so... Our daughter Kari was 5 months pregnant and delivered a baby girl Andrea on Sunday. She is only 11" and 1#4oz. so if she makes it.. she has a long road ahead.. Kari was taken by ambulance to a top-notch hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan.... where one of the machines Andrea is hooked up to is a million dollar machine... The baby is at this time ' stable' but then Kari developed an infection and had us very worried.. Through many prayers ( Thanks ) she is much better today. Daughter Kristy is driving down to be with her for a few days so her husband Ben can go back to the UP for some much needed time with the other kids and his work.... It is difficult staying here in Florida but that is what Kari ask at this time as we have alot of company coming for Easter and also her oldest daughter Abby is flying down to be with us... This is something she has been planning for months and Kari does not want her to miss it. I ask for continued prayers for us all at this time. GOD is good!! Carole

This was suppose to be the last picture. I don't know what happened....

Luthern Church Easter Diorama

The following are some scences we saw on Saturday night when we attended the Diorama at the Luthern church. It was very well done and was a drive through...The lady at the well is named Carol. . Palm Sunday scence..
JESUS entering the city.

The ' Last Supper"....

Pilate talking to Jesus before the Sanhedrin.

border=0> Mount Calvary and the 3 crosses.. There were alot of other scences.... We went throught it 2X as it was so good...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sweet Sensations!!!!

There were about 45 pieces of melons, pineapple, strawberries and grapes .. some with chocolate.. in the basket!!!
This morning a delivery lady knocked on the door and handed me a delicious basket of fruit all cut up like flowers from Sweet Sensations... It was a birthday gift for Tim from daughter Kari and family.. Thanks so much Kari... WE will enjoy it!!! umm umm !!!!!

Tim's Birthday

Tim and me with our birthday gifts from Mark and Tabitha. HUGE beach towels. I am sure we will use them alot.
Grandpa on his birthday with 5 of our grandkids.

Tim and Mark grilling the hot dogs and brats for the party.

Strawberries and ice cream... They are selling for $1.00 @ quart now....