Monday, December 20, 2010

Busy... busy... busy... As I am sure all of you are, too !!! We are ready for Christmas !!! All our cards sent, gifts given, tree and lots of decorations this year.. made lots of cookies, church programs, dinners and Christmas parties.. We have had visitors from Ca. and are now anxiously waiting for more company from Colorado.. They will spend Christmas with us so that should be fun !!! We have not had any snow but have had some COLD weather lately in Florida... The pool has been closed since the last of November but we plan to heat it up over Christmas..... and enjoy it for a few days.... We celebrated our 45th Anniversary on Saturday ... Went over to Fort Lauderdale for the night ...took our friends to the airport, did some shopping, watched our son and daughter -in -law and granddaughter Emily run in a race.. in the rain !!! We have attended some beautiful Christmas dinners and programs all to celebrate Christmas and the birth if our Saviour .. Jesus Christ !! IT is a WONDERFUL time of the year !!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

How do you like my new Christmas blog?? Actually Tabitha did it for me.. She knows how to do those kind of things... Now she will have to change it again after Christmas..... We have been busy sending out our Christmas cards, decorating, baking... Tim has been volunteering out at ECHO.. an organization that sends seeds to 3rd World countries.... They are having a big conference next week so I plan to volunteer there, too.... It is starting to look like Christmas up and down our street as our neighbors are putting up more and more decorations.. A lot of activities will soon be in demanding our attention.. with parties, church programs, visitors, Christmas dinners, etc.. May we not forget the Birthday of our Saviour. JESUS CHRIST !!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving !!!

What a great time we had over Thanksgiving !! Some Sower friends , the Pickards from Ca. came to visit us.. We spent 2 days visiting, eating, playing games and swimming.... We celebrated Thanksgiving dinner at Golden Corral along with 1/2 of Ft Myers.. ha ha .... The pool is lovely and warm.. Our daughter-in-law ran the 5K early in the morning and then they came over to meet our company and swim and soak in the hot tub !!! Tim had a safe and good trip to Haiti. Thanks you for all your prayers... Since he has been back, we have been busy with church, finishing the painting and decorating the entire house ( including bathrooms ) for Christmas.... The lanai has so many lights that the neighbors have commented.. Love to swim at night under the calm and pretty... Have most of our shopping done and are starting to work on the Christmas letter... Hope you had a good Thanksgiving and an even greater Christmas !!! In all your business.... Celebrate the Real Reason for Christmas !!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Team in Haiti !!

An update of the Team to Haiti... Heard a few hours ago through internet.. They had hope to get their tickets changed and fly out a day early because of the Hurricane Thomas BUT all flights are cancelled out of Haiti on Friday !!! They sent a few pictures of unloading a truck with bags of rice into a church in anticipation of the people who will come there during the Hurricane.. They are all in good spirits and want to help all that they can.. Please pray for safety and the people living in tents.... Thanks Carole

Friday, October 29, 2010

Tim is in Haiti on a Mission trip with a group from Spring Arbor, Michigan.. He really was looking forward to going in spite of the epidemic of cholera.... praying they will use common sense and God will protect them.. He packed 4 suitcases... only bringing one back.... so he took a lot of donated clothes and he cleaned out his closet..also candy and gum.. They are going to a Christian school.. We had a great trip to Tn, Wi and Mi a few weeks back but glad to get back home and to sunny Florida... The weather has been 85* and I still swim every day !!! Heard they had fierce winds in the north and a lot of people lost electricity. I anticipate Thanksgiving with company from Ca. but at the present I am addressing our Christmas cards and listening to our Christmas CD's... My sister Donna and I are presenting trying a diet so even thought she is way up in Michigan... we call each other every day to compare out food journals.. It has helped somewhat. What with the holidays coming... Enjoying all your blogs and wishing you a great day !

Thursday, October 7, 2010

It has been almost a month since I last wrote.. A lot has happened.. At the present we are on a 4000 mile trip from Florida to Tn. ( daughter Kathi and family ) north to Wi. ( daughter Kari and family ) over the UP to Cheboygan ( sister and brother ) and down to middle of Mi. ( daughter Kristy and family) and back to Florida.. way south !!! We wanted to visit 3 of the kids ( son lives 12 miles from us ) and 15 of the grand kids... and see some colored leaves... so hopefully will be able to get some good pictures...The Today show on TV said the best place in the nation is where we will be in the UP of Michigan....Miss the pool and home but.... Tim is going on a Mission trip to Haiti when we get back home....Then we expect company for Thanksgiving and after Christmas... from Colorado and California... We are presently 1500 miles on our trip and 5 days into it.... So until I get some good pictures to post of the trees.....................................

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Some more beautiful sunsets from the lanai.... We have really enjoyed having our grand son Nick live with us for 2 months but he got a job offer up in St Pete/ Clearwater area ( 2 hours north ) so he moved on Labor Day with a friend from his home town.. Sure seems funny without him around the house... Tim keeps busy and I keep relaxed !!!!
We plan a trip in the near future somewhere north to see some colored leaves... not sure when or where.... Seems hardly anyone blogs any more . Keep in touch !!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunsets and powerwashing the lanai

We have really enjoyed some beautiful sunsets on the lanai.. probably because of the rain in the air lately... some nights the sky is blue and pink....and some nights the sky is orange and yellow !!!! It is awesome what GOD has created !!!!

Tim and grandson Nick power washed the lanai... looks so good.. it was quite a job !!!! Still enjoying the pool EVERY day... so refreshing...... No BIG plans for the future but we keep busy...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Trees !!!

Before we went to Mich. this summer, we both commented on how green and alive our huge palm tree was... when we returned , it was dead !!! We are pretty sure that it was hit by lightning !!!! We hired Acorn Tree Company and they sent 4 guys out today to cut it down for $ 300. That is a decent price !! Those guys worked very HARD and never took a break for over an hour..... They did a great job so Tim gave their boss some extra money to take the guys out to lunch.. They appreciated that...
They brought lots of equipment.... Tim and I watched it all.....Glad it didn't fall on the roof or our neighbor's roof...

At the end, they ended up grinding the stump down.... and cleaned everything up..... Now we plan to plant a mango tree...

Nick and Jessie enjoyed the Hot Tub.. Why would anyone want the water to be 103* in this weather????

Nick and Tim split 6 stumps for the trash.....It was Hot and so they only did 1or 2 a week.... Now our yard looks real nice...

Friday, August 6, 2010

Sure enjoyed a 3 week visit with our grand daughter Jessica ( 15 years old ) from Michigan. We put her on the plane early Thursday morning and she arrived safely 4 hours later !! And it takes us almost 3 days of driving the same distance.... We swam EVERY day and did a lot of sight seeing. Nick ( her brother also came down but he is thinking of living here in Florida with us for a while... not sure yet his complete plans...) We took them to the beach 2 times, Sun Splash water park,church, flea market, garage saleing, lots of restaurants, nature walk, o.j. factory, and then we drove up to Orlando and Tampa and took in Sea World and Busch Gardens.. They LOVED it all !!! It has been HOT here ( 90's ) but have heard that it is hotter in Tn. where our daughter lives...We sure enjoy the pool every day !!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Grandkids !!!

Nick and Jessica really enjoy the pool and spend a lot of time swimming.... Nick is 6'4'' so the 6' deep end is no problem for him.. They came down to Florida with us for a vacation... It is different having teens in the house.... We had a great time visiting family in Michigan and Wisconsin for 5 weeks....
Yesterday we took them to the Ft Myers beach.. Jessica REALLY loved that.. First time they have seen the Gulf of Mexico...

Monday, June 28, 2010

Vacationing in Michigan and Wisconsin

It has been a while since I have blogged... We are now in Ludington, Mich. visiting with Tim's sisters and brother... Big pot luck tonight... leave in the morning to visit my sister and brother... head to northern Wisconsin to visit daughter and family for 6 days.. Attend a 50-60th Reunion for Spring Arbor University and then head for Florida and Home !!!! We have been in Mi. almost 2 weeks now and attended our church camp in the thumb near Hemans.. Loved it !! Always so good, meet old friends and The Spirit of God was there !!!! Plan to take our grand daughter and grand son back to Fl. with us for a 3 week vacation... It has been HOT in Fl. but also warm here in Mi.... They will LOVE it and it should be fun for us too...... Looks like a lot of people do not blog as much as they used to... Enjoy !!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

This a blossom from our big beautiful hyacinth bush... They come in many, many different colors...
This is what the pool looks like now but you should have seen it a day ago.... It had a leak so we had the pool doctors here.. They said it had to be drained so they could fix it... They emptied 13,500 gallons of clean ,warm water in our back yard....

The deep end with the ladder...

The repair man in his bathing suit.. at the deep end... It is 6 feet...

I sure missed my swim that day !!! We are finishing things up here so we can leave Sunday after church for Mi, Wi. and Tn... Have a lot planned for the summer..... seeing ALL the grand camp, attend a 50th Anniversary , Spring Arbor College Reunion, bring our grand daughter Jessica back to Florida for a vacation.... Hope we see YOU in our travels...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sister Donna and Becki flew out this afternoon and have already landed at Metro and on the way home.. Isn't it amazing that you can go from southern Florida to Detroit in 2 1/2 hours in the air???? We had a good time with them being here even thought they spent a lot of time fixing things at the new house and meeting their neighbors and checking things out... electrical, water, a,c. lawn sprinkles, mail. etc.... We did swim and attend the 'Ring of Fire' at Broadway Palms Dinner Theater... They really enjoyed that !!! Also went to some nice restaurants... a nice change from fast foods... Now Tim is busy finishing the hurricane shutters and some last minute repairs as we leave for Michigan for the summer in less than 3 weeks....The weather has been 90* every day lately but I hear it is also very nice in the north..... good for them !!! Not many comments... Hope someone is reading this.. CAROLE

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another week or so have gone by.. I really have been busy.... but then haven't we all?? My sister and her daughter Becki flew down from Michigan on Monday to move into Donna's new house here in the Cape.. only 3/4 mile from me !!! Yippee !!!! It is fun having them here and we work at the house in the morning, swim every day to refresh.. it is 90 *.. and go out to eat every night... Life is good !!! She has bought a beautiful house on a lake !!!! Now for furniture and items to furnish it... She also has a beautiful house in Michigan so they will only vacation here...... Tim has finished painting all our house and it really looks nice !! We have some plans to enjoy these 10 days with my sister and niece as well as work... On Friday we have tickets to attend a dinner show called 'Ring of Fire'... a musical of Johnie Cash.... also delicious food......Want to take Becki out to Sanibel Island.... also the Flea Market and Garage Saleing... Only a few weeks until we head for Michigan.... Anxious to see YOU this summer.....

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It has been a week since I last blogged !!! My eyes are so much better and No more Dr. appts... Tim has been busy painting the outside of the house... a tan with dark tan trim.. looks so clean and fresh !!! I have of course been swimming EVERY day ... Have not missed one day in May.... My sister Donna and niece Becki are flying in next Monday to visit for 10 days.. Then I'll be BUSY!! We have a Sunday School party this Saturday to attend.... actually helped plan it so we had better go... Plan to head for Mi., Tn., and Wi. for a few months about June 15th... no definite date... but our church camp starts on Father's' Day !!! Still have not bought another motor home... but Tim checks eBay EVERY day !!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Our company has left for Michigan this morning. We sure had a good time in 10 days visit... Now we are anxious for my sister Donna and niece Bekie to fly down to visit.... The weather has been gorgeous and the pool ...GREAT!!! We sorta plan to head to Michigan for the summer by the middle of June... Church camp, each have a sister and my brother and our daughter Kristy lives there... then on to Kari's and Kathi's on the way back home.. Not sure how long we will be gone..... 6 weeks or so... Both are feeling great lately so have lots of " jobs " to complete...Love reading ALL your blogs..

Friday, April 30, 2010

Tim and I enjoying the beach on Sanibel Island... I still have to wear sunglasses every where because of my eyes... Went to the Dr. today and I am greatly improving so will not need to go back for a week !!! Hurray !!!
Our company Chris and Lynn on the beach. They have gone to visit some friends for a few days and will be back again next Tuesday to get their car.. It is in the repair shop... Chris is Tim's sister..

Hard to see but the dolphins came real close to the shore... There were about 40 of them...

Son Mark, Lynn and Tim cut down lots of trees last week along our fence line... They were pretty trees but always losing leaves and a MESS... Plan to plant flowering bushes along there... It was really quite a job !! Glad Tim had lots of help !!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

No pictures... not much news as I have had 2 weeks of a very bad bacterial eye infection in both eyes... Today was my 6th trip to the Dr and another planned for Friday... For 4 days I could not open my eyes and the rest of the time I have had PAIN, eye drops, ice packs, medicine, appt., sunglasses, and laying on the couch... We have at this time also had company from Michigan... Tim's sister and husband BUT they are a BLESSING and have taken over the kitchen and laundry, etc... We have managed to go a few fun places with them..... They plan to leave on Friday.... now that my eyes are getting better.... Most days I did manage to crawl down the pool steps and swim.. I say to take my mind off the pain.. ha ha ... So thank you for the prayers... They must have worked as I am SO MUCH BETTER !!!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

We had a lot of fun when Kincaids came to visit us... Here they are enjoying the hot tub at 104*... at least Burton was enjoying it !!!!
Tim finally quit working long enough to 'sit a spell'...

I prefer the deep end of the pool.... I am not a great swimmer but can ' keep my head above water' !!!

Tim is just starting to paint in this picture... and now he has a lot done!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tim and I with our youngest grand daughter Gaby... She is 3 months old and such a good baby !!! Kathi and Mike and their 7 kids are visiting from Tn. We are getting in lots of swimming, beaches, eating, picture taking and just enjoying grand kids.. They plan to stop at Disney for 2 days on their way home to Tn.
On Wednesday we had a Hawaiian pool party with 21... Son Mark and Tabitha, daughter Kathi and Mike and nephew Mike and Danielle... not shown; drinks and the pizzas!!! Everyone wore a lei and we had the lanai decorated like the tropics....

Here are some of the people at the party... no pictures of the 4 mothers, 1 Dad and 2 of the kids.... It was prefect weather and lots of fun!!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tim's Birthday at AppleBee's

Yesterday was Tim's birthday so we met Mark, Tabitha and kids at AppleBee's... It is 40% off if you go from 2-4 PM... We REALLY picked a good day as the " kids ate free".. and then the nice waitress did not add the tip on automatically for a party of 8, but let us decide her tip... The guys orders steaks and all together the entire bill was just over $ 30.00... They gave Tim 3 real nice gifts and 3 real nice cards the kids made... The rest of the day, I let him be in charge of the t.v. remote... so .... pretty good birthday!!!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chocolate cake in a Crock Pot

I promised Taylin that I would send her a recipe for chocolate cake in a crock pot and this is the best way that I know how. Maybe some others of you will try it too... I never have made it as Tim does not like chocolate. Spray the crock pot with non stick spray... heat on low......use 1 chocolate cake mix, 1 ( 8 0z ) sour cream... 4 eggs... 1 cup water... 3/4 cup veggie oil....BEAT for 2 minutes... ADD 1 small instant pudding....1 cup choc. chips... POUR into crock pot and cover... BAKE 3-4 hours on HIGH or 6-8 hours on LOW .. Let me know how it turned out! Carole

Monday, March 22, 2010

Friends for the week end...

Over the week end we had some dear friends ( Bobbie and Roy ) from Michigan come to visit us. On Saturday we drove over to Sanibel Island and had lunch at the Island Cow and did some " shelling " . They LOVED it !!!
Tim and I on the Gulf... Tim always wears this silly hat he made to protect him from the sun...We had the pool water up to 90* ( yes... 90* ) so we spend a lot of time swimming... a cook out and lots of visiting made it a VERY enjoyable week end.. They were on their way to deliver beans to send to Haiti... My sister goes home tomorrow so we plan to spend some time with them today... then we need to get serious about painting the house before it gets too hot....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Strawberries and fun !!

Last Friday Tim and I cleaned 2 flats of strawberries for our church's Strawberry Festival on Saturday... They were delicious!! YES .. We ate a few !!!

On Saturday we worked all day on the Festival.. It was warm and windy but we had a good time... It was quite an ordeal with everyone from the church working together... Have been enjoying having my sister Donna and Dick down for the month... We eat out a lot with them, went to a Twins vs. Orioles ball game, went to a movie...( Hollywood movies.. seats were real plush and roomy ) visited a mutual friend, swimming and cook out.. Will miss them when they leave for Michigan shortly... Excited about daughter Kathi and Mike and 7 kids coming after Easter and maybe grand daughter Jessica coming for Easter...Tim has also been busy building a porch and steps to a mobile home for a friend...Oh yeah, did get some babysitting in too...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Since my sister Donna has been down to visit us, we have tried to take in some sight seeing around our area. On Sunday, we went to the 6 Mile Slough ( sp. ) and took a nature walk. We saw an alligator and birds and turtles and had an interesting tour guide..
On Friday, we went to see the manatee.. because of the cold weather and cold water lately, they heat the water at the pump house and pump it into the river.... so the manatee hang out there.. There were LOTS of them!!

But they were hard to see as they only came out of the water for a brief second....

It was a cool day.. notice the jackets...We had just spent 4 hours at the Flea Market.... and were heading for a fish fry for supper.... needless to say, we did not get a lot of work done on Friday... oh well ....

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Been a while since I have blogged. We volunteered to work a day for a Free Disney Ticket and so we ended up at a Huge Garage Sale for low income children. It was fun as all Tim and I had to do was sell coffee and donuts.... The next day, we drove 3 hours north to attend a East Michigan Free Methodist Reunion and stay over at our friends .. the Kincaids... Had a lovely time with them over Saturday and Sunday.. We were anxious to get back home as my sister Donna and her husband Dick were down from Cheboygan and were already at our home in the Cape... We went out to eat at Perkins and after we waited 45 minutes for our food ... it was COLD!!! I mentioned it to the waitress ( something I never do ) and she gave us all free pie !!!! We have enjoyed having my sister stay here with us as they are looking at a house to rent for March... The weather was up to 81* so we have been in swimming, shopping, restaurants and good home cooked meals...Now if we could only agree on the tv ... Dick only likes the weather channel!! ha ha.... They have found a nice house to rent and will be moving out on Friday... Glad it is only a few miles away so we can still see them a lot...The weather has now turned a cold 60* so no swimming for a while...Daughter Kathi and Mike plan to visit us over Easter with their 7 children so looking forward to their visit.. I enjoy reading all of your blogs!!! Carole

Sunday, February 14, 2010


On Saturday, Tim and I and Mark, Tabitha and kids all attended our church Valentine Part... We enjoyed fried chicken dinner and lots of candy... they had on the table....It was a nice way to celebrate Valentine's ...
This morning, Tim gave me my Valentine... so practical and exactly what I wanted.... a honey bear and a jug of pure maple syrup !!! pancakes for breakfast on Monday !!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another COLD day in Florida !! 61* so no swimming today.. Instead Tim is painting our bathroom and I am baking heart healthy cookies... If there is such a thing... Looking forward to attending our church Valentine's Party on Saturday and then babysitting Mark and Tab's kids while they go out for a Valentine's dinner on Sunday...My sister Donna and Dick are heading for Florida on Monday so that will be fun to have them visit. We usually have some good talks and go to some neat places and restaurants... Not that we still don't like McDonald's, B.King and Taco Bell.... Put wall paper border up in our spare room as we are trying to get it all set up for YOUR visit !!! A lot of people have wrote that they may come and so far NO one has showed up... Must not be tired of the COLD and SNOW up North yet !!! Watch ... EVERYONE will come in March...ha ha .... Carole

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Birthday Surprise !!

This is Sarah holding one of our new doodles.. They are similar to the noodles but because of the sun and the pool water, the noodles shed and it clogs the pool filter... so now they sell doodles... They work the same... Looks like a balloon...The problems of owning a pool.. ha ha
Tonight when Tim and I walked into Famous Dave's BBQ.......
... we were pleasantly surprised by Mark and Tabitha holding balloons and gift cards.. The meal was DELICIOUS too ,so guess who plans to go back? I really enjoyed my Birthday today... Thanks everyone !!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

NO !!! This is not the view out our back yard but we do see sunsets about as pretty as this through the neighbors' trees... The weather has been great lately and doublely since I heard of all the COLD weather in the North !!! We miss Kari and the kids... but we have been busy.... Tim has been working on the taxes... I have been sorting closets and giving to Goodwill... I was thrilled to receive a CD from my cousin with lots of old pictures of Grand parents and genealogies, etc. My birthday is Tuesday... My Mom's would have been Monday... She would have been 95....Tomorrow is son's 40th... Not so little anymore...
Really must get some pictures of the house to post but I am waiting until after we paint... Enjoy life !!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Grandkids !!!!

The cousins love to get together at the pool.. This is Bekie, Karlie, Emily and Sarah...Notice the irrigation being installed in our back yard... So today it rains !!!
Andrea laying on our new rug without her oxygen tubes... She gained 1 1/2 pounds while they were here... Really alert and smiling a lot... A MIRACLE !!!!!

Grandma and Andrea... Sure love that little girl.!!!!Mark's 4 and 4 of Kari's with Tim and I standing on our new circular driveway.. Still needs landscaping... Sure was a busy but fun 3 weeks... Now we are alone... Come visit us !!! Weather is 80* !!!

Kari and Andrea in her new tye dye dress... Some people wanted a picture of our new recliner...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

We are up in Orlando watching grand daughter Andrea while the rest of the family is enjoying Disney... It is a gorgeous day weather wise.... Just thinking of going down to the indoor heated pool after my nice nap.... Had a great lunch at Olive Garden... Tim, I and Andrea... ALL the waitresses Ooh and aah ed over her..... She is a cutie !!!! Hear they are expecting some warmer weather up North.. that will be good ..... Will have to post pictures one of these days...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

We have been very busy with having daughter Kari and 4 of her children visiting... We have enjoyed them all and especially nice to have a baby in the house.. Andrea is doing SO good... She is a very good baby and seldom cries.... I am taking some lessons on how to fix her special bottles, oxygen tubes, readings, etc. so I can watch her next week when they spend the day in Disney.. I will just stay the day in the motel.. No use exposing her to all those germs as I can do with out Disney..... It has been too cold to enjoy the pool so far but we are praying for warmer weather soon... maybe next week... The kids ask every day.... But they already think it is warm out and go out in shirt sleeves... They keep saying " Grandma, don't forget... we are from Newberry " ( in the UP of Mi ).... Loving our new church... Tim went to the Men's Prayer breakfast this morning and was the speaker....Kids like playing my autoharp, watching Grandpa's Western movies and plan to have a Wii challenge... Also have been trying out restaurants that they don't have in Mi....It is great to have grandkids around the house !!!! Our daughter Kathi and Mike in Tn. had a baby girl on Thursday.. That makes their 7th child and our 20th grandkid... Gabrianna ( Gabby ) 8#8oz.... Now we have 12 grand daughters !!! WOW !!!!