Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving !!!

What a great time we had over Thanksgiving !! Some Sower friends , the Pickards from Ca. came to visit us.. We spent 2 days visiting, eating, playing games and swimming.... We celebrated Thanksgiving dinner at Golden Corral along with 1/2 of Ft Myers.. ha ha .... The pool is lovely and warm.. Our daughter-in-law ran the 5K early in the morning and then they came over to meet our company and swim and soak in the hot tub !!! Tim had a safe and good trip to Haiti. Thanks you for all your prayers... Since he has been back, we have been busy with church, finishing the painting and decorating the entire house ( including bathrooms ) for Christmas.... The lanai has so many lights that the neighbors have commented.. Love to swim at night under the calm and pretty... Have most of our shopping done and are starting to work on the Christmas letter... Hope you had a good Thanksgiving and an even greater Christmas !!! In all your business.... Celebrate the Real Reason for Christmas !!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Team in Haiti !!

An update of the Team to Haiti... Heard a few hours ago through internet.. They had hope to get their tickets changed and fly out a day early because of the Hurricane Thomas BUT all flights are cancelled out of Haiti on Friday !!! They sent a few pictures of unloading a truck with bags of rice into a church in anticipation of the people who will come there during the Hurricane.. They are all in good spirits and want to help all that they can.. Please pray for safety and the people living in tents.... Thanks Carole