Monday, December 29, 2008

Today we are at Kari's in NewBerry in the U.P. It is snowing here and lots of snow already. Planned to take the kids to the local pool to swim but when we checked , it was full of LOTS of snowmobilers... so maybe later. We do plan to take the grandkids to Mc Donald ( one of the only restaurants in town ) and the movies.. ( only showing one movie.. which we have already seen... )oh well !!!! It was really bad roads all the way up here on Sunday afternoon but when we arrived , they had planned a party with Ben's brother's family and his Mom. They had fixed all kinds of delicious Chinese food!!!! Sounds like everyone is having a good Christmas...

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Here it is after Christmas and I have not blogged... We made it to Kristy's safely in the midst of snow, ice and LOTS of bad traffic. Was one bad accident on I-75 by Flint and they took everyone off the express way... Received lots of nice gifts.... a pot and pan set... etc. At 3: we checked into a beautiful motel in West Branch... WARM pool !!!! Kristy brought all kinds of food as there were NO restaurants opened... Played games, swam, ate..... The motel was a family room with 5 beds in 2 rooms.... The next day, we went shopping, B. King, movies and got home by evening... We have sure enjoyed the grandkids... We plan to leave in the morning after church for New Berry but not sure about the weather.... It is really snowy and icy now.... Elizabeth said to write that she really likes my new computer..... I pray that you all had a great Christmas and celebrated Jesus birthday!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Really icy roads so we stoped for the night in Dayton, Ohio.. Police say it is an emergency... We were slipping and sliding all over the motel parking lot... Have 300 miles to go tomorrow to West Branch, Mi. to celebrate Christmas with daughter Kristy... Had a good time at Kathi's.. We had a nice motel in Nashville, ate at Golden Coral ( 10 of us ) swam ( pool was cool ) watched kids while Kathi and Mike went to Opray Hotel and rode in a carriage to see the lights.. Hope she blogs some pictures.. Beautiful!!!! Pray you all have a safe and Merry Christmas!! Carole

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Today we are at Kathi and Mike's in Tn. We opened some nice gifts from them yesterday... It has been rainy all the time but today the sun is finally out and it looks to be a great day. We are getting ready for church...We had a chance to watch the kids while they went out to celebrate their Anniversary ( early )... Tomorrrow we plan to drive up to a motel near Nashville to spend the night and swim, eat, tv, etc. with the grandkids... The kids really have grown since we saw them in July... Pray you are enjoying your Christmas holidays... Carole

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Busy... busy.. busy !!! We are leaving tomorrow morning to drop the m.h. off for 3 weeks to have some things fixed and then heading for Tn. and Mi. to spend Christmas and New Year's with Kathi, Kristy and Kari.. also sister Donna and brother Orlo.... About 2000 miles to Newberry, Mi. When we get back we head straight to Mark's to hopefully sign the final papers for the house in Cape Coral.. so have to pack clothes for Mi. ( freezing ) Tn. ( about 60* ) and Ft Myers ( 80* ).. also have to defrost freezer, do all laundry, say good bye to Sowers, and pack things away in the m.h. .. not to mention today is our 43rd Anniversary and we have NO time to celebrate... plan to go out for a steak dinner Friday when we are on the road.... I never did get a picture of the armadillo but they say it was under our m.h. different times.....It is nice to get Christmas cards delivered to Mark's place as I call every day and Tabitha reads them to me. We always have a running contest to see who gets the most Christmas cards... I think I am ahead with 24....But they get a lot from their church people. I'll try to blog when I am on the road but not sure how easy that will be... Have to go check my dryer.. LOVE

I'll try to b;og

Monday, December 15, 2008

Wishing EVERYONE who reads my blog... a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

Week-end in Ft. Myers

We had a good week end with our son's family in Ft. Myers. We drove down there ( 230 miles ) early Friday morning. They fixed a delicious Christmas dinner for Friday eve. We were very happy with the gifts they gave us... On Saturday, we spent time with the Realtor and ended up putting a 'bit' on a house. Not sure how that will turn out but it would be a lovely home for us ... has a pool and a spa... In the evening, we watched the girls while Mark and Tab attended a Christmas party... Took them to Taco Bell, played cards and watched a Christmas movie.... On Sunday, we attended their church. After ,we went over to see the house again, we ate at Chi Chi's Pizza.... and started for home. On the way we stopped in Venice to visit my Aunt Mary.. was late when we got home... Today we worked on another " mailing "... only 3 more work days and then we plan to go to Tn. and Mi. for Christmas!!!! We hear all about the COLD and SNOW up there... The temperature here has been unusually warm... 80* today!!!! I have only got 1 comment on my ' dancing elfs'.. don't you think it is CUTE?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Today we worked on a 250 piece mailing. That only took us to break time so the ladies drove into town for a few hours to shop and lunch.. We had lunch at a real neat cafe called THE WAY CAFE. It was definitely Christian.. every one of their menu items were named after a Bible name.... like Acts, John ,Ester, Paul , etc. If you ordered a sandwich and a beverage, you could buy a piece of homemade pie for $1.00..... So I bought a piece of lemon to bring home to Tim... Tomorrow we work on another mailing of 2000 pieces.... It is real nice weather here and almost are breaking records for this time of year... Tonight we played 3-15 card game and Tim won!! Tomorrow night the plans are Captain D's for supper and then Wal Mart for a few groceries... The project is 1/2 over today...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Merry Christmas from sunny Florida!!! We are wishing you and yours a wonderful Season to celebrate the birth of Jesus!!! Today we attended the little Wesleyan church not far from here. They had a special Christmas program with a trio named " Hope Street" who sang carols acapella. We even bought 2 CD'S. . They were very good and dressed like old fashion carolers. Then we went to Lake Square Mall to ate lunch and walked over 10,000 steps. Home to nap, read, t v, write and calls. Getting rested up for work tomorrow. Not sure what work we will do as the Director is still in Ca. until Tuesday. Our Sower group is going to host a Christmas pot luck opn Thursday for all the Sowers in the area. On Friday we plan to drive down to Mark's to celebrate Christmas with them. We will stop in Venice and visit my Aunt Mary... Keep in touch!!!

Camp Horizon

This is the road that leads back to Camp Horizon.. It is very spooky with trees covered with spanish moss. Once you get back to the camp, it is very sunny and on a lovely lake and lots of open space and nice buildings...
There are lots of orange trees on the property... I have squeezed lots of oranges for juice last week.... I still have not been able to take a picture of the armadillo.. just wait.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hi.. The wordless Wednesday picture was the Sower ladies at work. We had to sort LOTS of pairs of shoes that Publix's had donated to the camp. We had to remove all tags... We had boxes to do... It is very nice weather here.. 75* most days... though NO ONE wants to go in the pool... We keep seeing an armadillo around but I never have the camera at the right time... one of these days... Everyone must be REAL busy as not so many blogs lately. Our kids met for a short visit in West Branch, Mi. Mark called and said " it is COLD!!!" No wonder Tim does not want to go north for Christmas... Carole

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

We have been busy working in the kitchen.. helping them get ready for their daughter's wedding. Yesterday we made 1500 chicken nuggets. Ugh! By the time they decided to have chicken and salad for lunch... I could not look at any more chicken... It has been cold here lately... but warms up in the day to 65*....Tonight we plan to go out to eat at Captain D's as it is " Senior Night"... There is a lot of activities plan ... church Christmas programs, bell choirs and a Christmas parade this Saturday... Today for Devotions, Tim ask us to tell of a " God Spy" moment.... As we look at things during the day, we are to see God in it... I chose to think of Jesus near Lake Galilee as I look at beautiful Lake Harris out my window... If not that, then I think of Zacchaeus climbing one of these spanish moss covered trees... Are you getting ready for Christmas? We have some decorations up and our Christmas letter mailed out... Merry Christmas!! Carole