Friday, April 30, 2010

Tim and I enjoying the beach on Sanibel Island... I still have to wear sunglasses every where because of my eyes... Went to the Dr. today and I am greatly improving so will not need to go back for a week !!! Hurray !!!
Our company Chris and Lynn on the beach. They have gone to visit some friends for a few days and will be back again next Tuesday to get their car.. It is in the repair shop... Chris is Tim's sister..

Hard to see but the dolphins came real close to the shore... There were about 40 of them...

Son Mark, Lynn and Tim cut down lots of trees last week along our fence line... They were pretty trees but always losing leaves and a MESS... Plan to plant flowering bushes along there... It was really quite a job !! Glad Tim had lots of help !!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

No pictures... not much news as I have had 2 weeks of a very bad bacterial eye infection in both eyes... Today was my 6th trip to the Dr and another planned for Friday... For 4 days I could not open my eyes and the rest of the time I have had PAIN, eye drops, ice packs, medicine, appt., sunglasses, and laying on the couch... We have at this time also had company from Michigan... Tim's sister and husband BUT they are a BLESSING and have taken over the kitchen and laundry, etc... We have managed to go a few fun places with them..... They plan to leave on Friday.... now that my eyes are getting better.... Most days I did manage to crawl down the pool steps and swim.. I say to take my mind off the pain.. ha ha ... So thank you for the prayers... They must have worked as I am SO MUCH BETTER !!!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

We had a lot of fun when Kincaids came to visit us... Here they are enjoying the hot tub at 104*... at least Burton was enjoying it !!!!
Tim finally quit working long enough to 'sit a spell'...

I prefer the deep end of the pool.... I am not a great swimmer but can ' keep my head above water' !!!

Tim is just starting to paint in this picture... and now he has a lot done!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tim and I with our youngest grand daughter Gaby... She is 3 months old and such a good baby !!! Kathi and Mike and their 7 kids are visiting from Tn. We are getting in lots of swimming, beaches, eating, picture taking and just enjoying grand kids.. They plan to stop at Disney for 2 days on their way home to Tn.
On Wednesday we had a Hawaiian pool party with 21... Son Mark and Tabitha, daughter Kathi and Mike and nephew Mike and Danielle... not shown; drinks and the pizzas!!! Everyone wore a lei and we had the lanai decorated like the tropics....

Here are some of the people at the party... no pictures of the 4 mothers, 1 Dad and 2 of the kids.... It was prefect weather and lots of fun!!!