Sunday, November 29, 2009

Well, since I did not get any comments on my last blog... maybe no one is reading it anymore.. But I will try again. We left on Wednesday and drove 700 miles to Birmingham, Al. to meet our daughter Kathi and Mike and 6 grandkids for Thanksgiving.. Had to stay over night in motel in Albany, Ga. on the way but drove straight thru on the way home on Saturday.. Good food at Ryans... turkey, ham, steak, salmon and chicken.... plus NO dishes or clean-up !!! The motel was real classy ( and very reasonable priced ).. We had 2 suites at the Best Western Carlton... mints on the pillows, fancy folded towels, warm pool, 2 tvs/ suite.. ( kids loved that ) !!! On Friday we went to the Children's Science Center... 4 floors and VERY interesting.... Ci Ci Pizza and more swimming... full delicious breakfast in the motel and at 6:AM on Saturday , we headed home... We enjoyed our new church today and went out for lunch with 3 of the people to " The Twisted Lemon ".... The church people are very friendly and want to grow so I think this may be the church for us... Have a lot of activities planned for Dec.... Pray you enjoy the Christmas Season and Celebrate JESUS !!!!!


Pastor Chuck and Sue said...

Just back from Thanksgiving activities in Jackson. You two have sure been busy. Loved the post you did last time. Were the white roses for finishing the project, or some other special occasion? We have done a couple days at a motel with our grandkids and families, and it is so much fun. Glad you could do all of that, I know they loved it. Show us your new furniture in your house back home when you get a chance. Don't worry we read your blog alright, just sometimes life gets so busy to keep up with commenting and all. Love you guys!

Gene and Joyce said...

I read it but don't always comment. I feel the same way about my blog -- "hello, anybody out there?" I'm glad you had a really fun Thanksgiving. What is the church you are going to? --g

nlsower said...

I have a counter on my blog so I can track how many readers are out there. no one--maybe if I posted something, people would check mine. Love to read yours. We had 22 for thanksgiving. We are headed for northern TX January through April. Snow storm coming tue and wed. Need to get out of this country.

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ruth said...

I'm still here...I don't read it every day...but occasionally check in...thank you for your encouraging comments from time to time on my blog...I do understand how you feel...sometimes I think about stopping...but I do enjoy writing each I keep at it:).Have a great day!