Friday, January 22, 2010

Grandkids !!!!

The cousins love to get together at the pool.. This is Bekie, Karlie, Emily and Sarah...Notice the irrigation being installed in our back yard... So today it rains !!!
Andrea laying on our new rug without her oxygen tubes... She gained 1 1/2 pounds while they were here... Really alert and smiling a lot... A MIRACLE !!!!!

Grandma and Andrea... Sure love that little girl.!!!!Mark's 4 and 4 of Kari's with Tim and I standing on our new circular driveway.. Still needs landscaping... Sure was a busy but fun 3 weeks... Now we are alone... Come visit us !!! Weather is 80* !!!

Kari and Andrea in her new tye dye dress... Some people wanted a picture of our new recliner...


Pastor Chuck and Sue said...

What a sweetheart Andrea is. Thanks for sharing the pictures of her. She sure looks like Kari. What fun you all have. Love the rug, and the recliner, circular drive and all. Always neat to hear about your new additions but the miracle of Andrea is the best!

freetobeme - Anita said...

Does Andrea look like Mark? It looks like you had a great time with everyone there.

ruth said...

You look like you're having so much fun with your you guys still travel quite a bit or are you more settled in one spot now that you have your home in Florida? Looks like you're always busy doing some kind of project at your house, everything looks great!

Anonymous said...

that last picture of Andrea (with the tye dye on) reminds me of your dad!