Wednesday, April 28, 2010

No pictures... not much news as I have had 2 weeks of a very bad bacterial eye infection in both eyes... Today was my 6th trip to the Dr and another planned for Friday... For 4 days I could not open my eyes and the rest of the time I have had PAIN, eye drops, ice packs, medicine, appt., sunglasses, and laying on the couch... We have at this time also had company from Michigan... Tim's sister and husband BUT they are a BLESSING and have taken over the kitchen and laundry, etc... We have managed to go a few fun places with them..... They plan to leave on Friday.... now that my eyes are getting better.... Most days I did manage to crawl down the pool steps and swim.. I say to take my mind off the pain.. ha ha ... So thank you for the prayers... They must have worked as I am SO MUCH BETTER !!!!!


Pastor Chuck and Sue said...

Carole, So sorry to hear of you being sick. But so glad you are better. I have been reading some of your kid's blogs, and really enjoying them. Glad it is warmer there. We had the temp dip to 30 degrees last night and covered flowers. Hope the temp will get warmer soon. In the day it isn't so bad. Love you guys, Sue and Chuck

Sherry said...

Hi Carole, sorry to hear about your eye infection. Hope you feel better soon. Enjoy the pool. I'll be over sometime to enjoy it with you. Take care and have a great day.
Sherry, you're not sick friend, :-)