Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sister Donna and Becki flew out this afternoon and have already landed at Metro and on the way home.. Isn't it amazing that you can go from southern Florida to Detroit in 2 1/2 hours in the air???? We had a good time with them being here even thought they spent a lot of time fixing things at the new house and meeting their neighbors and checking things out... electrical, water, a,c. lawn sprinkles, mail. etc.... We did swim and attend the 'Ring of Fire' at Broadway Palms Dinner Theater... They really enjoyed that !!! Also went to some nice restaurants... a nice change from fast foods... Now Tim is busy finishing the hurricane shutters and some last minute repairs as we leave for Michigan for the summer in less than 3 weeks....The weather has been 90* every day lately but I hear it is also very nice in the north..... good for them !!! Not many comments... Hope someone is reading this.. CAROLE


Pastor Chuck and Sue said...

Sounds like your week with your sister was good. Got up to almost 90 one day here. No time for swimming for us. We are still painting. Will go up to West Branch this wk. end for Chuck's 50th H.S. reunion and then when we get back the next wk. is a garage sale. Next wk. is farewell and retirement Sun. for us at church. Then we get our house on the market, and wait for someone to bite. Pray for us to sell it soon, and then we will head to Michigan. If we don't sell by Oct. we will wait till spring. If we are in yor neck of the woods Hemans, or there abouts we may hook up with you. We will see God's timing. Blessings to you, and we will keep checking e-mail. Love you all, the Husteds.

Anonymous said...

It was nice to catch up on your life...sounds like you're having a great time! I know how you feel about blogging and then wondering if anybody even reads it:)...people do they just don't often take the time to comment.