Monday, June 28, 2010

Vacationing in Michigan and Wisconsin

It has been a while since I have blogged... We are now in Ludington, Mich. visiting with Tim's sisters and brother... Big pot luck tonight... leave in the morning to visit my sister and brother... head to northern Wisconsin to visit daughter and family for 6 days.. Attend a 50-60th Reunion for Spring Arbor University and then head for Florida and Home !!!! We have been in Mi. almost 2 weeks now and attended our church camp in the thumb near Hemans.. Loved it !! Always so good, meet old friends and The Spirit of God was there !!!! Plan to take our grand daughter and grand son back to Fl. with us for a 3 week vacation... It has been HOT in Fl. but also warm here in Mi.... They will LOVE it and it should be fun for us too...... Looks like a lot of people do not blog as much as they used to... Enjoy !!!!


Pastor Chuck and Sue said...

Carole and Tim,
Got side tracked between getting our house on the market and Facebook. I had hoped we would get up to Mich. for camp, but will be going to the S. Mich. one with the girls. Also plan to see you at Michendo 50-60 reunion for SAC. That should be fun. I'm bringing pictures from the last one we were to, which was a 30 yr. reunion. This one will be several classes, not just our 1965 class. See you then.

carole said...

Good.. should be fun .. hope there are people there that we know.. will be fun to see you and Chuck.... Isn't life busy ???? We are bringing our year books.... We love Michindoh as we have worked there 4 times and been to a Sower reunion there 3 times.. But this time we only know 2 Sower couples who will be there... The Sowers helped build the dining hall and the Indian village.. I worked on the poles for the teepees !!!! See you...