Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our fun filled week-end !!!

We spent Monday on Sanibel Island with our friends from Michigan.. Chuck and Sue.... The weather was perfect 80* Do we look like twins ??
On Sunday we had a small group of friends from church over for a hot dog roast for our 3x4.. That would be 4 family units getting together for 3 months and having a social.. Ben was busy at the grill keeping the hot dogs and hamburgs cooking...

We sure had a GREAT picnic and enjoyed the company... Our next social may be a movie and I heard the next one....maybe a wii challenge... FUN !!!!

On Friday, Tim and I traveled to Lakeland to attend the Reunion for the East Michigan Free Methodist Conference.. We stayed over night at Jeuneta and Burton.... long time friend from our ministry days..

We also spend some time playing games and eating breakfast with long time friends from Michigan .. Walt and Dora.... Delicious pancakes and bacon on their lanai....


JC said...

WoW! so great trip, The live here is for enjoy Congrats!
Ferry Freight

Chuck and Sue said...

Hi Tim and Carole,
We loved being at your house enjoying your great hospitality and pool. It was so fun to attend church with you too and go to the Island cow. To see pictures, I have put part 1 on my blog. Working on part 2 and it should be on soon. Hope all is well there and the weather didn't get too stormy this last wk. Love you guys, Chuck and Sue

Anonymous said...

Great job, your blog it's very nice to read. I like it ;P:D