Monday, June 2, 2008

Brown City Missionary Camp Project

One day down and eleven to go.. Just kidding.. this is an o.k.project.. Today I worked with a new lady Kathy and we got along fine. Had a lot in common... We cleaned and filled about 150 salt and pepper shakers and washed tables and chairs.. Have enough chairs to be on that job the rest of the week... We only plan on working 3 days this week as the ladies are taking Thursday off to go to a block yard sale!!! They finally gave us our golf cart to use but I haven't got a picture of me driving it yet to blog.... A couple here gave us lots of left over food from a graduation so we met together for lunch.... Tim is still feeling sick but works anyway.. He coughs and sneezes a lot. May be allergies but never had troubles before.... We attended our church we belong to.. only seem to get there once or twice a year and even got to set in on a society meeting.. A lot of people we don't know anymore.. so many new ones.. That is good!! But it was good to see some of the OLD ones we remember and they remember us... Plan on starting to put new siding on the " candy " store over at our church camp Hemans... We go over there on Friday and Saturday ( We don't work those days.) and work there... It is about 25 miles from here.... They are sure starting to make improvements on that camp in the past few years... It starts 3 days after we finish this work project... Hope that 5 of our granddaughter's are going to come to camp with us this year.. One year , we took as many as 7 little ones.. WHEE!!!! But we do want them to get to go to a Christian camp while they are young... I LOVED camp when I was a teen.. Carole


T.Mark.D. said...


Sounds fun. Are you tempted to place the salt tops on just a lttle, not screwing them on all the way. This makes for some not so funny meals. Or you can place a dime in the lid and it will stop it from shaking out salt. That could cost a lot? Maybe you will find pranks in other areas?

We know they don't trust you with a golf cart. That is just somethign you are saying to show you are cool. We will not believe the photo if we see it. We know you are getting good and photo shopping your self in to photos all around the world.

Sarah is really looking forward to getting to camp with you guys. I tease them that Angel might be there craft leader. Do you know if she is doing it this year?

I wanted to bring there bikes. Bike sometimes get to be an issue at camp. I know when I did not take mine I felt left out, but when I had one and another person did not, I felt bad leaving them out. Will the cousins have theres? We are planning on bringing them.

We will talk about snack money too.

What do they do for swimming?


freetobeme said...

Family times at camp...ahhhhh! One year all of our kids came to camp with all their kids (our grandkids) What a time we had! We were known around camp as the Archer compound!
This year I only know of two granddaughters that will be with far! Lots of fun! I hope you'll make it to Covenant Hills!

carole said...

MARK.. Today we washed lots of tables and chairs and couldn't find a joke to pull on that one... Yes.. we really do have a golf cart..#2.... Kathy and I are really getting along great... No Angel will not be here this year as they keep her very busy at Covenant Hills..I think the children's worker is the puppet people. Bobbie and Roy said they might come over one day..Kari also ask about bikes. Not sure how we will get Bekie's down as we plan to meet her at Kristy's and only have the car... I understand about the bikes... you feel left out with no bike and everyone wants your bike is you have one... Please don't send too much snack money as we bribe them with money( to spend at candy store )for good behavior and chores.. Bekie will probably have some money but not Beth and Jessie.. I hope we can take them to the pool in Marlette at least once... $2.00 or $1.50 or 50 cent..depends on the day.. ( funny )...ANITA.. I doubt if we will make it to The Hills this year but maybe...Carole