Saturday, June 14, 2008

We are at Hemans Camp

Well... I have been sick so that is why no blog for a few days.. We have moved our m.h. over to Hemans Camp so we could get a site. As we are 40 feet long and the larger sites are starting to fill up.. first come .. first serve... We will have to drive back and forth to Brown City to work for 4 more days.. 50 miles round trip per day... but they feed us this last week so will not have to cart food over and back.. It is very pleasant here at Hemans. Only a few others are actually on the grounds.. Very peaceful and lovely... Tim is busy working on the siding of candy store and I plan to paint some picnic tables today... We are anxious for a week of camp with 5 of our grandkids and then 3 wonderful days of a reunion with ALL of our kids and grandkids... 28 total...The summer is going by so fast!!! I'll try to have pictures next time... Carole


freetobeme said...

Is it good to be back on FM soil? I hope you're feeling better. Don't overdo.

T.Mark.D. said...


Thanks for calling me again when you are being served Steak. Do you and dad visit steak house all the time, or do you just call and rub it in each time you are eating Steak?

Thank you for driving extra each day, so you can have a good site to watch the kids at Heman's and be next tothe swings. I look forward to getting there.

I have posted some directions to get to Heman's if you need to direct anyone to it.

I hope to see my cousins, and the girls hope to see theirs.

Talk to you soon.