Thursday, September 4, 2008

2,000 envelopes!!

This is the view of Chesapeake Bay from the dining hall. It is very pretty around here. As you can see the grass is very dry and they need rain.. which they predict we will get this week end.. So much for my plans to go sight seeing..

This is the old camp truck they gave to Tim to drive around.. at least I get the car.... I usually don't drive but have to on this project..

I must have got a system going because today I did 2,000 envelopes. I only have 1,500 to finish on Monday and then I will probably work in the laundry again or the Thrift Shop.. It is not as much fun working alone... 4 days down and 8 to go!!


T.Mark.D. said...

Not fair,

I know that you two will never come to our projects (home repairs) any more. We don't give cars and trucks. But if you make it here before Thanksgiving I will let you lick my 102 Christmas envelopes.

We have had a great time at our conference. Here is the link if you want to see how they pamper us.

I am sure Tab will piut this on her blog soon, but we met the third keynote speaker who was the teacher they based the movie and book from "Freedom Writer's Diary".

They had entertainment last night from a guy named John Charles. He was a gutiar comedian. Wow. He could play anything we yelled out, and had jokes. We stayed for the whole thing this year, but still got back in time to hear the Speach. Wow! Did Sarah give it Obanana Wednesday night! Tab predicts we see those glasses come in to style and more women wearing them.

How far above washington is this? Can we stay there, by renting a room? It looks great!

I love the signs all around your campground.

Have you thought about getting an IPOD for your long days of work alone? You can download books to listen to. 49$ for the shuffle, and I can help you load it for free. The Lee county library has 1,000's of books to download for free. I can help you set it up when you get here.

Ike looks like it might turn toward us? We will have to see. This may cause us to go to SeaWorld for a few days?

I am sure we wil talk Saturday 7am, right before you call Kathy. It would only be 6am there, so call her after you talk to me:)

Saturday is kind of empty:) We have cheer for Emily from 3-6pm (just Tab) and then Sunday church and eating out.

Talk to you soon.


Dillehay said...

Nice comment, Mark. Practically a book!

Did you really misspell Obama or are you trying to nickname him Obanana? I'm curious.

Sarah Palin is quite the speaker. The first thing Emily told me when we got back is that she wanted glasses like Sarah Palin. (me too!) :)