Monday, September 1, 2008

Sandy Cove, Maryland

This is an aerial picture of Sandy Cove, where we are working. NO.. I did not fly up in a plane to take the picture. Just copied it from a picture.. Pioneer campground, where we are camped is in the upper left hand trees... It has scripture verses posted through- out the camp.. Nestled right on the Chesapeake Bay, it is worth in the millions..$$$$$


freetobeme - Anita said...

Neat picture.

Pastor Chuck and Sue said...

Beautiful area. Would love to come visit you, but a little far... Enjoy your time there.

Kathi said...

I don't see the MH?

Lilly is doing great! She is like having another two year old in the house. I'll try to get a blog done about her in a few minutes. I did have the cameras take a picture of each other :) I took those pictures of Sweet pea at that new park we found a few weeks ago. I love that park. Hot here. The Astro van is still broke down....It's been sitting at Wally world all weekend. Luckily they didn't mind that it sat there. Mike plans on pulling it to school today. It needs a new fuel pump $300.00...OUCH! Luckily Mike can put it in himself. Sweet pea just got four teeth. He's been extremely clingy. We pushed the Mustang out yesterday and washed it. It looks like a new car....ok well not new, but it looks a lot better. Mike has to put more primer on it as some parts are starting to rust where he sanded it about four years ago.... Ok, i'll end my novel now :)

:) Kathi