Friday, April 17, 2009

Update on Kari and Andrea...

We are thanking the Lord for alot of answers so far for prayers... Kari is feeling alot better and MAY be released from the hospital today. She plans to stay in the Ronald McDonald House for months (? ) Andrea had heart surgery on Wednesday to fix a heart valve and so far is doing good... Please pray for her to be able to be taken off the breathing machine as being on too long can cause further damage... Kristy went home yesterday after 10 long days.... Kari's oldest daughter Abby flew down on Monday eve. to visit with us ... We are really enjoying her already and we have not even gone shopping, eating out, plays, dinner theater, church, movies or to the flea market... all in good time. She is doing homeschool A Beka so will not have to miss school.... Bible and Math ( guess what Tim taught...) and PE.. ( Did I mention ... the pool? ) She will stay with us until when we head back to Michigan in May.... Keep praying!! THANKS!!!!


Pastor Chuck and Sue said...

So glad to hear Kari is better. Continue to pray for the baby and your family. Glad Kathi could come and those cupcakes look yummy. Tell her hi from Sue. We are at Ward Presbyterian church for a wedding for someone we pastored 18 yrs. ago at Green Oak. Chuck has a part in the wedding - a prayer and a unity sand ceremony. Will tell you what it is like next post.

ruth said...

Glad to read that Kari is doing better. Will keep praying for the whole situation, has to be hard on them to be so far away from home for this long of time, what are the rest of Kari's kids doing? Aren't they being homeschooled too?...Keep us posted:).