Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Still painting !!!

HI.. No pictures this time... just realized how long it has been since I have blogged and I was just saying to my daughter-in -law Tabitha how people do not blog so much anymore... must be vacations.... We have been busy every day here at the project painting... decks and steps and today, he changed our job to painting signs for the camp.. lettering and all... then he reminds us they need to be ready to put back up by tomorrow as they are the directions signs and they have a large group coming in on Thursday....It has been SO HOT --96* painting out in the sun that today he moved us under the trees... still hot work.. nice that they feed us every meal so all we have to do is show up to the dining hall....plan "sightseeing ' this Friday.. maybe I'll have pictures to blog...


Pastor Chuck and Sue said...

We have been busy bees. Grandkids were here for a wk. and no time to get pictures organized yet. Got a cold Tues. and am about over with it, but laying low. Just to let you know where I've been. We check for new things everyday on the blogs. Yes, vacation time!!! Love you both, keep up the good work and stay cool from time to time.

ruth said...

Hope your enjoy your day off sightseeing on Friday...looks like you're having lots of adventures...I hope I'm like you guys when I'm your age.