Sunday, September 27, 2009

Where is everyone???

Seems like no one is blogging any more... must be the busy summer.... We have been really enjoying the house here in the Cape....the pool has sure felt good on these 90* days... We have most of our stuff sorted and bought a used but good.. entertainment center and got cable tv... Tim watches alot of Westerns... and also a china cabinet.... yesterday we bought an excersize bike and a we will see if that helps....The grand kids get to come over to swim at least once a week or more and I have started to give the 2 older girls piano lessons.. a lot I know.. I taught myself and that not very good... oh well!!! I'll teach them some chords .... Tim plans to go with Mark a few days this week to his Seminar in West Palm so I will have the house to myself... wonder what I will do....My sister Donna talked me into making home made bread and we just bought some Ga. peaches to make peach crisp... what diet ????? We have decided to enjoy the house a little longer and get some things done like building shelves in the garage and painting some rooms.... Then we plan to do a Sower project over at Stuart Christian School and church.. been there 3 times already and like that project.. The only ones signed up so far are dear friends Kathy and Chuck from Indian... that should be fun !!! We attended a different church today... Weslyan.. REALLY liked it !!!What have ALL of you been doing lately???


Gene and Joyce said...

Sounds like you are getting to be real home bodies, what with all that sorting and arranging. I'm glad you are enjoying your home. It was a long time without one. The pool sounds great. Fall has hit here. The days are nice but rain is coming and the nights are cool. I watch for your blog updates. Yes, seems like a dearth of bloggers, doesn't it? I better get to mine. -g

Pastor Chuck and Sue said...

Yes, we are still here!!!. Hope to catch up this wk. on our blog. I can't believe I am so far behind. It has been 30 days. I have lots to tell you, so will get started but it will be long, or in increments. Glad you guys have the pool, on those 90+ degree days. Love,Chuck and Sue

ruth said...

I'm still here blogging away:). Sometimes I wonder...if I should continue...and yet I'm so used to doing it at this point I'm not sure I want to stop either. I do enjoy reading what you're up to, so keep blogging...sometimes as you travel then I can feel like I'm on an adventure too:).
Hope you enjoyed your time to yourself this week.

nlsower said...

I read your blog often. Summer has been busy. We are going to TX for 4 months. Fun to hear about your travels, family and home. Bill and Carole