Friday, February 15, 2008

Our Week in Mexico

WOW!!!! What an experience!!!! We left Harlingen after an 8 Am Sunday service where Tim brought the Message. You should have seen us loading the van and trailer with 12 people and supplies, food, clothes sleeping bags, guitars, etc. It was 270 miles to ALDAMA, Mx. Most of the roads were good but had big roadbumps right in the middle, Solomon was our driver and he drove whereever he chose in the road...crazy drivers!!! Before we got to the border, we pulled off and everyone got out of the van, held hands, knelt down along the side of the road and prayed that we get a green light. GOD answered prayer and we drove right through. It was easy to get through customs as the staff helped us get our visas.. We saw alot of Mx. police with big guns. We ate our sack lunch in the van. Saw lovely and not so lovely views...
Stopped for bathroom breaks ( banos ) where you pay 25 > About an hour before we got to our destination, we stopped at the home of the head of all the schools in the area. We unloaded a mattress there and they had a supper waiting for us of grilled chicken, tacos and cokes.. Antonio and his son and wife Carmin. None of them could speak English but they were happy for us to be eating at their home. Finally we turned down a VERY BUMPY road and traveled 13 miles thru a small town Nigra Niagria ( Black Rocks). and our camp.. It is nicer then we expected. We all help unload the van. We were really packed...even eggs. The cook worried all the way down. Then we were assigned to our rooms. We share a bathroom with Ray and Alean but have our own bedroom with twin beds and a window that opens out to view a beautiful bougevilla bush.