Friday, February 15, 2008

It is very peaceful and beautiful here. In the distance you can see the Sandria Madre Mts.

After Tim and I got our beds made and stuff unloaded, I was going into another room to get a chair. There on the floor looking at me was a 4 ft. black snake. I YELLED and Tim came running and all the other guys. But they said " Do not kill the snake as he kills the mice in the house. ( of which we saw several ) There are also scorpions, trantulas and geckos. I am reading in Psalm 4:8 where it says " I will both lay me down in peace and sleep: for Thou, Lord, only makest me to dewell in safety."We learned a new card game " Munipulations " and played it alot..There are 12 on the team. The 4 women worked in the kitchen. The guys built a huge shower room for their Pastor's Conference in May. They expect 1500 pastors to come for training. Can't image where they will sleep and eat as the Compound is not very big. Two of the women get up early and fix breakfast so Alean and I can sleep in until 7AM . Then we fix lunch so they can have free time. I do alot of dishes!!! On Tuesday it was so HOT here and the guys were so tired!!! And to top it off, at noon the 2 younger guys Corey and Cheo and Big John took off work and went fishing. Our guys were a little upset but turns out all they caught were TICKS. ha ha I have walked all over and taken pictures of a huge cacti,flowers,goats, a newborn lamb ( last night ) and the guys working.