Friday, February 15, 2008

On Wed. we went on a Very rough road to Don and Ginger's Ranch on top of the mt. They own 3000 acreda and have 1000 cattle. They are in the midst of selling it for 4 million. We walked all over and took photos. Lots of cacti and flowers on their verada. Miles from anywhere but they have satallite tv. That is the only t.v. we saw. They had 2 litters of puppies. 8 birddogs and 12 black labs.

After we got back to the camp, another couple Rob abd Ellie Robinson came over and took us on a 2 hour hike thru the fields . He stopped every so often and preached. It really got cold when the sun went down..

On Valentine's Day, we all worked hard to finish up the jobs so we could go into the town of Aldama. Alean and I sorted thru candy, that the mice had gotten into, to take to the children in town. We went to the home of the ex president of Aldama, Philipe and Alicia Lopez. It was 3 flights up to their apartment above his tire shop and her bakery. They were very friendly and served us noodles, spicy tacos and cokes. Then they served us rolls and donuts from their bakery.They showed us pictures of them with the President of Mexico... The President is the man in the middle. They invited a world champion poet to recite poetry to us. Then the ex-president of Almada, went with us in the van to show us the world's deepest waterhole. Discovery Chasnnel even came down and did a documentary on it. It was a 60 ft hill to climb so I waited while Tim hiked it and got lots of good photos. It is over 1000 ft. deep.