Friday, July 18, 2008

Our Sale!!

We are only having the Sale today ( Friday ) even thought we had planned 2 days.. as we sold just about EVERYTHING!!!! Took in over $400. and it was mainly small " stuff".. It turned very HOT and HUMID so guess who got sunburned!!!! We had borrowed tables from their church so tonight after they took us out to eat whitefish at one of the few restaurants in town... they ran the tables back and let the kids jump in Round Lake to cool off .. as it is right by their church... Plan to leave tomorrow and head to Cheboygan on our way to West Branch.... if our car makes it.. We have been having problems with the car.. May need to buy a new one ( I keep telling Tim. )... Tim got ALL the paint projects complete so that is also a good feeling... Thanks for the comments.. Carole


Pastor Chuck and Sue said...

Glad your sale went well. Praying for you on the road, here and there. A good thing for sunburn is a vinegar soaked rag and lay it on your skin, it takes out the sting and is cooling. Hope it is not too bad. It has been humid here and temp about 90. Staying inside most of the time in the AC.

Tabitha Dillehay said...

Sounds like a good sale. I heard you did a half price sale at some point. We love doing that at our sales.

I vote new car. (Do I get a vote?) I think you should get a Saturn Vue. If we had less than 6 people in our family I would consider it. Go for it! I also vote for red. (I know how you two like to be flashy. :) )

Talk to you soon,