Thursday, July 24, 2008

Work ..Work ..Work!!

Tim has been VERY busy working at our daughter Kristy's in West Branch.. He has put in almost 2 rooms of wood flooring... from real wood.. not finished... Also getting things ready for a new dish washer and refrigerator to be delivered... He has to cut away some of the cupboards as the new is bigger... He has also been working on the tractor on the driveway.... It will be good to get back to our Sower work project in August.. as then he only works 6 hours/ day... It has also been a stressful week as our other daughter Kari, who is 4 months pregnant , is having problems and is in the Marquette Hospital on complete bed rest until delivery... so our bodies are physically tired and also emotionally tired!! Please pray for Kari and Ben... I hope to post more once we get back to our computer and back to our motorhome.. Oh Yes!! It is back in the "fix it" shop in Birch Run... Lots of problems but GOD is Good!!! Carole


T.Mark.D. said...


Hope your motor home gets all the fixing it needs. We look forward to our vacation with you in DC. You know how we do it. On the way back we will stop in Orlando and Tabitha will go to a 3 days conference, the next week I will go to a 2 day confernce.

NO saying like HomeSwHome.


We have been praying so often for you and your family. You are in our prays on our minds so many times throughout the day. We pray God's blessings and closeliness for you. I know we have not called a lot, but did not want to bother you.

Love you,