Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On the Road Again!!

Yes, we are back on the road again and at present are camping in a VERY rustic campground in the Allegheny Mts. in Pa. We are 300 miles from our next work site in New Freedom, Pa. at a Christian Camp.. Summit Grove. We are the leaders but so far only have one other couple with us. We already know them and get along great. Noami and Jay.. They are Mennonites.... Since last I wrote, Tim finished all the wood floors, put up screens in some windows and have all the new appliances working Great... even the ice maker... We picked up our motor home in Birch Run RV shop and disappointing to know they had not fixed one thing in 3 weeks.... BUT they did manage to unplug our refrigerator/ freezer and ALL our food spoiled!!!!! I cried!!!! Over $100.00 worth of meat and rhubarb and farm fresh eggs and jams, etc... They do not plan to rein burst us.. even though it was their fault.. Have to call the company on that... So have to re buy catsup, mayonnaise, relish,etc.. EVERYTHING!!!!! Have enjoyed the beautiful scenery here in the mts.... The camera does not do it justice.. Has taken us hours just unpacking (we were out of m.h. for 3 weeks and living out of a suitcase.... cleaning the refrigerator of mold... shopping for food.. checking all our emails....Now even our t.v and radio will NOT work!! What have they done to our m.h.????? Maybe I'll get in some extra Bible reading.. That would be a good thing.. There are LOADS of things to see in Pa. We have friends in Hershey and Harrisburg and our son and family are coming out in Sept to spend some time with us in Washington D.C. Kari is still in the hospital but MAY come home today or Wed. Still flat on her back but doing better....We had a good time with family in Michigan but it went too fast!!! At this camp they sell some pop and ice cream.. So Tim and I had to walk up a STEEP hill in 90* weather to get to the " so called " store... It turned out to be a Klondike bar.... but it was worth it!!! What would you do for a Klondike Bar???? Carole


Tabitha Dillehay said...

Sounds like you are having a good time back on the road again. Being home is always nice.

I am glad to be back after the quick trip to Michigan. I had a good time, but missed Mark and the 3 older kids.

We are looking forward to DC.

Talk to you soon,