Saturday, February 7, 2009

We sure have been enjoying the few days we have off work and have really got alot done on our home.... Now we drive over 100 miles up to the project in Lake Wales and work 4 days only to drive back home again and work and attend church 3 days and repeat the schedule over again for 3 weeks. Then we plan to take 2 whole months off... We NEVER to that. We usually work 11 0ut of every 12 months... This project starts our 61st for SOWERS... This afternoon we bought a queen pillow top mattress set and bed. They just delivered it so tonight we will be sleeping in a bed. We have been sleeping on the floor on an air mattress.Tonight, we took Mark and daughters Emily and Sarah out to eat as he has helped us SO much!!! We went to' 5 guys and a burger'... VERY good but also EXPENSIVE!!! home made hamburgs and fries!!!! Plan to spend Sunday with my sister and her husband... They are coming down to see our new home.. Carole


freetobeme - Anita said...

You look and sound happy! That's what matters.

Gene and Joyce said...

How fun! To get to set up a new house. And then a 2-month "vacation." You guys are living out there on the edge! I imagine the house seems so big after living in the MH. Enjoy.