Tuesday, February 17, 2009

NOMADS and Asian Buffet

On Sunday we met 2 Nomad couples that we worked with about 5 years ago... Nomads is similar to Sowers but is Methodist.. We worked 10 projects with them about 5 years ago.. As you can guess we met at Cracker barrel. It was fun to share a meal with them and renew friendship!!
This is the sushi bar that was at the Asian Buffet on Valentine's... NO.. I do NOT eat that.

The crab cassarole was the best item at the buffet... Had scrambled eggs in it..

YES!!! This is the octopus.... Granddaughter Emily actually ate some!!!!


a Bergman said...

Hi Mom,
All is going well here except that I am bored and the snow is again falling. The kids didn't have school yesterday because of the snow over ice on the roads. Bekie is learning so many cool things in History and Science. I am definately more excited than her about it. Abby is doing well with ABEKA homeschooling but it takes forever to do with listening to all the DVD's and then the homework. I am thinking about your pool everyday and know that we will have to make a trip to Florida just to use it. :)
I like the Asian buffet but don't think the octopus will get eaten up when we're there. Is that slide hard to put away and set up? Looks like fun. -Miss you.