Sunday, March 1, 2009

Here we are at the Sower's Reunion in Vero Beach.. There are only 40 couples here. A drop in attendance from other years. We have worked with 19 of them.. I went in to get a hair trim before we came on Saturday and BOY.. Did she trim it SHORT!!!! The food here is delicious and the programs really good. As though I need more excuses to eat!!! Have had lots of free time to read, nap and visit. We are anxious to get back to the house in the Cape and start painting and fixing.. and enjoying the pool...... The weather is in the 80*s.......It is strawberry time and the oranges are all ripe..... Have had some great times with my sister for a month but I guess they are heading back to Michigan on Friday... I heard it is -2* there !!!! We are looking forward to having our granddaughter Abby fly down after Easter and spend some time with us and then ride back to Michigan with us in May... We will also get to spend a few days with grand daughter Maddy in April and our daughter Kathi's family is coming from Tn. at Easter!!! Would love to see YOU all!!!


Pastor Chuck and Sue said...

Hi guys, Sounds like you are having lots of visitors. Hair dos... I know what you mean, the gal cutting it too short. I've been letting mine grow out, and I'm afraid she will cut it too short again. The weather is still very cold here, tonight it is 13, but earlier in week it was 6 or 7. We did have a day or two of sunshine and got up to the 30's. Spring seems a long way off. I think by next wk. end it may get up to 50. Enjoy your weather and surroundings. Hugs, Sue