Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Enjoying the Cape!!!

The scene from our bedroom doors. You really can not see the 5 citrus trees Mark and Tim planted in the back yard. We have been very busy since we attended the Reunion last week. Moved the m.h. to Lazy Daze to have the front window fixed and now tomorrow Tim and Mark are going back up near Orlando and moving it to storage for 2 months. We have been fixing a lot of things here at the house and enjoying it too. Mark and Tab were our first official dinner guest on Sunday... The weather has been in the 80*'s so can not complain except when we are doing yard work ... We are anxious for our company to come visit us at Easter and invite YOU to come, too!!!


Gene and Joyce said...

Oh how I'd love to take you up on that invitation but we'll be with our kids in NM. Maybe Easter 2010. Love that view from your BR.

Pastor Chuck and Sue said...

We would like to take you up on the invitation too, but it looks like it won't be this yr. Maybe we could come in 2010 when Gene and Joyce are there!!!. Would love that. Your pool looks so big. Enjoy it. Glad you have some time out to do things for awhile.

Kathi said...


I wish the view out my bedroom window was that inviting! Can't wait to see you at Easter!

:) Kathi