Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lots of Hard but Rewarding Work.!!!!!!

Does this look like Dad? I found it on the internet.... It has been a busy work day.!! The guys poured cement.. and the ladies washed lots and lots of clothes and sheets. We also sorted piles and piles of clothes to get ready for a sale for the camp... We have 2 golf carts to ride around in.. the weather is lovely... Tonight we played games.. didn't win... This is a very nice camp and so worthwhile... They really minister to the poor children and widows...We like to work places that are needy and honor your comments... Carole


nlsower said...

Carole and Tim. Send some of that lovely weather our way--another snow storm forcast for Friday. We are still getting organized in our house--such a pain to move out of the RV--maybe we should go full time. Will post something on our blog soon........ We enjoyed your project too. nlsower

carole said...

Yes.B and C.... We read in a Sower journal that you were here at LightHouse.. Said Carole taught the ladies how to make some kind of wall hanging and how much fun that was!!! We love this project so far... only 2 days of work so far...Glad to hear from you. Have you heard about John Stoner? They may come down and see us here. They live in Nashville. YES, you should go full time.. we need your brains and Carole's laughter " on the road "..Carole

freetobeme said...

My daughter-in-law helped me install the temperature on my blog. I'll have to ask her what we did and to refresh my mind. Then I'll let you know how to do it! I'm glad you like it.