Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Think Spring!!!

No... This is not where we are at but just wanted to share this lovely picture with you so you could think SPRING!!! There are mts. and hills here in central Tn. but not any with snow on them. Quite an evening spent with a Sue WhiteCotton.. Lives up on the top of the mt. and the lovely meal she fixed us, entertained us with her guitar and singing, stories she told us and ended up giving us 4 ladies each a small quilt... Just met her this week... Their church had the Sale and raised over $4,000. to send kids to this camp.. They plan to send 32 kids... Half way through with this project.. probably more laundry tomorrow... God's Best to You and Yours..Carole


Pastor Chuck and Sue said...

Hi Tim and Carole,
I check your blog everyday and our friends Joyce and Gene and noticed you wrote on theirs. How cool is that? You got to meet on the internet, our friends Gene and Joyce, that we went to Seminary with back in 67. Gene has served on the Meg board. They are originally from Eugene OR. We were in a small group together. Thanks for the daiseys. You must be seeing some neat country along with meeting some great people. I envy you getting a pretty quilt. We got to go to Goshen and saw many of them there. Things are calming down churchwise. Keep writing, and I will too. Hugs, Sue

freetobeme said...

We just came back from Colorado and saw lots of snow covered mountains. Beautiful! We didn't get to do any sight seeing though. We were there for my mom. Luckily we saw them as we were driving.

Tabitha Dillehay said...

Awesome picture!

We are having a cold front here. Woke up to 60 degrees. Brrr! :)

I have loads of laundry to do. Wish you were here to help.