Friday, April 4, 2008


We made it to our Work Project site through lots of rain... It is VERY hilly and steep cliffs.. Actually we are on the top of Hurricane Ridge.. hope that is no indication.. There are going to be 4 couples now as 2 more signed up..We already worked with one couple in August at a Bible Camp in Wisconsin. The director and his wife came over for a visit.. They were REAL friendly and plan to socialize with the Sowers a lot. Some do and some don't.. Ermeda and Ben... This is a camp for poor kids ( they pay nothing ) and they come from all the gaps and hallows of Tn. and Kentucky.. Think we'll meet Lil' Abner and Disney Mae???? We do get good email reception and some t.v.. Only 5 miles from Wal Mart.... a few restaurants and churches... It REALLY RAINED in the night but no chance of us flooding ( like a lot of local areas ) as we are way up on a mt. top... Lots of flowering trees around... Think we are going to like this Project.. It seems to be needy and Christ like... Carole


Kathi said...

It's been raining and raining here. Wait until you see my pictures from yesterday. It was muddy here is all I am saying.... Love your picture of your MH. My other car is a malibu.... :) someone is funny!

:) Kathi

T.Mark.D. said...


Kewl new photos of your motor home. Did you work on changing your blog name?

What flowers are those in the photo. Are they the ones that won your contest in KeyWest?

Talk to you today. Tab should morning shop, and I might get a chance to go out to eat with her tonight late. We are looking for a babysitter. But if not, I can go to Golden Coral with William.

The kids are each having a friend over after Sunday Church until Sunday night church, so we should do a little cleaning today. Just putting extra clutter away. You know for most people that might mean make sure you can walk the hallways of the house without having to jump over magazines and toys. Mom you and I know that means pack away the 11 and 12 bowl and spoon, because it won't be used with only 10 people in the house.

OK, Katie is not really having a friend over.
Everyone will play with everyone, but they are: Coleman 9 or 10? Brooke 8, Ben 6 or 7?, and Darren 3 or 4. So they match up pretty well. This is not an arranged date, they are 3 boys and one girl but not an arranged date.


Tabitha Dillehay said...

What happened to the Tim Preaching post? Did you delete it?


carole said...

Yes Tab
The picture was too dark and the message was not that interesting... Will try to post later...MOM