Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This is the group we are in charge of this month.. We are in front of a school bus because it seemed fitting as 4 of us were teachers.. One couple from Alabama, Wisconsin and 2 from Michigan...Today we sorted all the items from the craft room... WHAT A JOB!!! Next we started on organizing the Christmas room.... That will take the rest of our time here.... Tomorrow the Staff is putting on a cook- out for us... STEAKS!!!! We may not get a good signal for internet on our next project so you may get a break from my blogging for a month.. unless we drive out and take our laptop to town... Next project is King's Domain near Cincinnati, Ohio.. Heard there is a Creation Museum there I'll want to see.... Stay tuned for more info. on my blogs... Carole


freetobeme said...

I like reading what you're doing and where you're going. I hope you can get a good enough signal or go park in a motel parking lot with free wireless internet! When we were traveling we went by some rest areas that had signs saying they had wireless internet! excuses for not blogging!

Pastor Chuck and Sue said...

Hi Dilleheys,
You have been doing good putting lots of entries on your blog. I love the flowers and trees. And now this last pictures of you and your friends, I have a question. What is the little gold star on your nametag for? We hope you can continue blogging, as we will miss you if you don't. Love, Sue

T.Mark.D. said...


I sent out a package today to Kathi's. It should get there this weekend. It has your mail, something Sarah and Emily made at pottery class, and a mother's day gift. Hope you like it, Tab said I picked out the wrong color. What print was your motorhome again? LOL

Tab's blog will say more soon, but it is Wednesday night and we just got back from Ice Cream. The girls both said their Bible chapter for the big King's Kids event. They word for word did Psalm 34. all 22 verses. I am very proud. I can do the first 14 perfect, but then mess up here and there 15-22. Not bad for an old dog.

Yes! Tab can do it all!
We will try this week to get with everyone about the Cedar Point timing and tickets. If you are a sister of mine reading this, I will be calling. Please do not hang up like my students do. LOL

Mom, I hope you keep internet too.

Being without would be different.

The creation museum in Cinn is really cool. I want to drive to Michigan this summer, just to get the chance to go.

Our friend Kelly, ( is doing a blog on refuting evolution. She is a science teacher. She was telling me about the movie "Expelled". It has Ben Stien (converted Jew), and Kent Hovine (Creation expert). They saw it in Cape Coral, Friday night at the theater, so it might be around your town?
Let me know if you have seen it.

Love you,

Can't wait to get to Mich.


carole said...

The gold star is from when we were the Prayer leaders at the Texas Reunion last month.. Guess we can take it off now. You must have zeroed in to be able to see that... Notice most of us have our eyes closed? sunny day... Thanks for the comments.. Carole

Kari B. said...

Abby would love to go to that museum with you. She is so interested in that type of thing. Maybe we could go after Cedar Point on Saturday.? Where is it in comparison to Sandusky? I hope you keep blogging in the next few weeks. I am busy but do check it everyday. -kari