Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our plans

I have not been near a computer for a few days so could not blog.. I have no pictures to post as I am not using my computer. We are in Michigan now for the summer. We have not been here since last Sept.. Have had Dr. appt. on Tuesday and Wednesday. Visited with friends in South Bend.. Really had a GOOD time!!! Then tonight we visited with 2 of Tim's sisters and tomorrow night his brother.. Probably won't see them for the rest of the summer as we won't get on this side of the state.. especially with the price of diesel.. We have a 100 gallon tank in our m.h. so at close to $5.00/ gallon ... you do the math!!!! Our next Sower project is Brown City camp near Marlette... This will be our 3rd time there so we know the director and all the people we are working with.. They always give each couple the use of a golf cart while we are there. Maybe I'll blog that...The guys that were injured so bad in the car wreck in Aldama, Mexico are improving slowly. The people are treating them like royalty... providing food, entertaining, pushing them around in wheel chairs... But keep praying.. they have a long way to go to heal.. physically and emotionally.. Looks like I write more when I don't send pictures.... Not sure when our m.h. will be ready in Elkhart, In. Will probably go back to get it on Friday or Sat... Tomorrow we plan to go up to see the cemetery where Tim's family is buried and put flowers out... near Traverse City.. His 2 sisters are going a long... And we even plan to stop at a little cafe in Thompsonville where they have the BEST BLT sandwiches!!! We'll see... Carole


freetobeme said...

Boy, you do keep busy. It's good to hear from you again, even with no pictures!

Tabitha Dillehay said...

Is the BLT place where we went with you a couple of summers ago? I remember the cemetary and we ate dinner at a little hometown place.

Talk to you soon,

carole said...

Tab.. Yes.. it is the same cafe in the little village.. Neat of you to remember... We may visit with Mary, Bob and Rose... MOM

Kari B. said...

I hope that you carefully come back to take me to Hemans Camp and safely come back to our house. I had a great weekend with you Grandma and Grandpa.
Love Bubzy,(Rebekah)

T.Mark.D. said...

Sounds like fun.
You might remember this, but Tab (our professional photographer now) took a photo of Grandpa Dillehay's grave. When it was developed (film back then) we saw that she was standing in such a way to cast a shadow on the grave stone. Nothing could be read on the tomb stone.


freetobeme said...

So, when you come to Michigan are you going to stop off here?